September 25, 2015

TGTC: A Beach Day Get Ready With Me

I figured since it's a Thursday and we're down to the possible last days of summer (well not temperature-wise, it is still so unbelievably too hot to function right now), you won't mind if we go back to some time in August when I was tucked away in a little corner way up north of Baler, Aurora. Four days in Baler has turned me into a mega waterlust, I'm not even kidding. If I wasn't lounging around inside the hotel, I'm quenching up my waterlust with a night dip or a day surf. So the few times I did mind getting ready were only during the times we'll be going out to grab a bite at the nearby restaurants. This is the one time we went out for burgers and fries at Hungry Surfer.

The Hair. What is a more appropriate hair style than literal beach waves when on the beach. Luckily for me the hotel we were staying in has got a decent hair dryer installed so all I did is to let it dry and then tie it up on a ponytail. Et voila!

The Make Up. This Bourjois Paris CC Cream is everything to me right now. I love the glow it gives without looking greasy and its got the protection I need from the sun, hydration my skin may need to for when I stay longer outside - it's a good all rounder, that's what it is. I think I wanted to go for the "bronzy beach babe look" when I packed my travel make up kit then. You can see I whipped out all of the bronzes - Maybelline Color Tattoo Bad To The Bronze on the lids and the bronzer from Urban Decay Naked Flushed in Strip on my cheeks (and a bit all over my face). And like what I mentioned on this post, I'm the girl who wears red lips on beach days so here I am casually sporting my L'Oreal Color Riche Matte Reds Pure Garnet.
The Outfit. Easily my beach outfit picks would be a white tank top, a pair of washed out denim shorts and a good accessory thrown in the way which this time around is a bandanna I used as my hair scarf. It can get pretty balmy when walking around so I wanted to keep my hair as far away from my face (and nape) as possible.

Baler, you are my personal miracle waiting to happen. An item off my non-existent bucket list. But I think that will be for another post and story. For now I'm homesick for the burgers and fries and the sound of the waves crashing nearby...

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