September 01, 2015

An Update: One Thing Led To Another

I wish I can take credit for the title but no, it's unoriginal as per usual. I've just finished reading the novel One Thing Led To Another by Katy Regan and I thought it will fit my possibly rambly post explaining why I seemed to have suddenly fallen off the Earth and coming back to the surface after a month's time. Not that somebody out there actually cares or noticed but I'm just saying it's exactly that in a nutshell - a series of one thing leading to another.

A possible new home. I've never really wanted to divulge any information just yet, as to not jinx the whole thing, but I've been in contact with someone who might be able to help me make this whole thing inside of my head an actual reality. I have to start somewhere and having a clear idea on what I really want to do from this point is I guess me starting from somewhere and then having people around me to make it work is progress. We'll get there but for now, TGTC is here to tickle your love for beauty, travel and words, occasionally.

Project #13Before30. It's a personal project I have decided to work on when I realized I am on my last year of being a twenty-something and it's only a matter of time when I can no longer use it as an excuse. The crazier the ideas, the better! So far I've had two: maximize my passport and wake up my waterlust. Anything else you might think I can add on the list?

Maximizing my passport. I've been traveling and I've been well grateful for the chance and opportunity too. I've recently been to Singapore and for the most part, enjoyed it so much! It's a pretty place to be in especially during the sale season, but it's also pretty tiring to explore. Cooking up A Cheatsheet To SG post so keep an eye out for that!

Waking up my waterlust. A side note to traveling but definitely deserving of its own category because I went mega waterlusting for the past months. I've been to Bohol and Baler, both of which have got an amazing sight of blues and whites to offer and man, both very charming and unique in their own ways. Will be popping out a post soon as well because man, are they worth sharing and bragging about!

Virgo Season is coming, pre-season jitters happened. Do you remember my post back in 2013 called Everything Changes in September? I have unconsciously been in this cycle for a while now. Somehow I always manage to get weird and wired during the preseason, the anticipation. This year, I haven't done drastic yet but the itch to change my hair color has been scratched off the non-existent list. The classic pre-birthday jitters, in all of its Virgo-Season-is-coming glory.

See? Basically, one too many things leading to another. I stand corrected. So what have I missed?

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