September 27, 2015

A Taste Of New York Up North

Tucked in a little corner somewhere in Pampanga is a posh pizza place inspired by the city that never sleeps - the New York Supreme Pizza Place in Northwalk, Clark. It was my first time there, I was dragged by a very good friend of mine who apparently knows the North by heart, including food places that are affordable but unforgettable. He was telling me how excellent the pizza is, how the chicken is cooked like no other and how there's a surprise dessert I should reserve some space for.

I am not the most adventurous person when it comes to food. I know, it's such a shame. I like them conventional as much as possible and I am least likely to invite you to a new place to check out what they have to offer unless I'm sure it fits the bill and generally loved by many. But oh my word, this pizza place. First of all, the thin crust, hand-tossed, (brick) oven-cooked pizza. I have got no words. I'm sure we got the NYS Angus Beef Pizza and it was heavenly as much as it was huge. It was very tasty and crispy while it lasted but the dough did not get stale at all as time passed by, which I found out because we had so much left for take away and had to eat them on the road. And then there's the chicken which particular taste is always hard to rival for a Filipino because of the Chickenjoy benchmark, at least that's what it's like for me. But NYS Country Style Chicken is a good runner up. We went for the 5 piece order and whoa, they are also huge chunks of chicken. And then there's the surprise dessert, NYS Zippolis. They are ironically Italian Crispy Doughnuts which rumor has it, is made up of the unused pizza dough, molded in ringlet forms, covered with powdered sugar and comes with a chocolate dip! Now, the science of this is weird especially for me who is practically a Jon Snow when it comes to food. But I think since the dough ringlets are covered with powdered sugar, dipping them to a sweetened dip kind of makes it a match made in sweet-tooth and non sweet-tooth heaven - it's sort of right down the middle. For the drinks, my friend had one of their fruit shakes because that's what he's used to and in true Joys Camille fashion, I went for Coke - no surprise there.

It was generally a very pleasurable experience for me. A good way to jumpstart any Northern adventure you have planned out. The place is cozy and very Instagram-worthy, I like the splash of red color all over and the brick walls. And the food is not far from the aesthetics, it was just as good if not even better for a very good deal. Your one thousand bucks can take you a long way when you decide to drop by and dine. If only for a feel of New York even just for a dining experience, I'd take it. I will definitely stop by again for the pasta, mussels and steaks. Ah, the memory of all this makes me so hungry already... I might be dropping by sooner than soon after all.

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