July 01, 2015

A Twenty Something's Reaction To #MakeUpByOneDirection

This was the other day’s impulse-yet-totally-unnecessary-but-I-regret-nothing purchase. If you’ve been round this part of the internet for a while, you’re probably already aware that I take my fangirling ever so seriously. But just in case you missed the memo, here I am again with another reminder that I really do so. I picked this up for two reasons: 1) it was on sale, 2) this is the last Niall. If only for the tin can you can keep with Niall’s face up front, his signature on the side and a post-it note inside that says “Hello Beautiful! xo”, it deserves the right to fall under the must-haves category for fangirls. Regardless if they like make up or not.

When you flip it open, you will find a fair offering of 6 eye shadow colors, 5 lip glosses, 2 mini bottles of nail polish, a lip coat and a pencil eye liner encased in a plastic holder which is the only bit I found rather tacky. There are 3 metallic shades, Nobody Cares, a metallic silver which can get pretty shining shimmering splendid; Tell Me A Lie is a metallic nude pink which is one of the wearable ones for me - metallic but muted and hardly shiny at all; and Same Mistakes, a metallic mint which I doubt will ever get a wear out of me. The other half are the shimmery ones called I Would, a smoky brown shimmer you can use as a crease/contour shade and eyebrow filler; Summer Love, which is a smoky purple haze for one-color smoky eye look; and Everything About You, smoky black shimmer that’s good on its own and for defining the outer corner. The eye shadow formula is a bit powdery and loose in texture. You need to pack it on and use a damp brush to easily get the colour payoff but otherwise it was an overall reasonable selection. My personal picks would be I Would on the crease and Tell Me A Lie all over the lid for an everyday eye make up and then add a pop of Everything About You on the outer corner for a more evening appropriate look.

The lip glosses included are not as sticky as I thought they would be, however it’s not as pigmented as I like them to be either. There’s a bubble gum pink one called Loved You First; a frosted pink ice called One Thing; a fairly shimmered pearl shade named Irresistable and a creamy rose shine named Heart Attack. A bonus one on the lip gloss department is Over Again, a lip coat that might as well be called all of the glitters because it’s so glittery. Best to layer them up with a lipstick you have in your stash and do a bit of make up mixology to make it work. Also, between you and me, Loved You First and Irresistable can pass as cream blushes too - very pigmented ones at that.  

Next one up is the I Want, a creamy eye pencil in true matte black that glides on easily when applied but will also transfer on the lid so setting it with Everything About You may be needed. And lastly, the nail polishes housed in the cutest mini bottles ever called Stole My Heart, a magenta pink shimmer and Alive, multicolored glitter flakes.

You wouldn’t think it is even a possibility to see make up and One Direction together, let alone for a name of an entire make up collection. I was part skeptic, part disappointed, half hopeful about it not being all about the money and marketing. So I am more than happy to find out Niall was right about it after all when he said “the make up’s so good he’d probably start wearing it himself”. For a boy band to come up with a decent make up line, I’m not going to lie – I’m quite impressed. But I guess they’re not the biggest boy band in the world for nothing. Aside from the fact that I can keep Niall’s pretty face forever, thanks to the tin can, it’s a make up collection I can actually use. That is why, therefore and again, I. Regret. Nothing.

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