June 26, 2015

When Recent Reads Meet Recently On My Lips

When Happy Skin announced the collaboration with Preview Magazine to celebrate their 20 years of being #ImaPreviewGirl, I knew I have to get my hands on this limited edition collection! Aesthetically speaking, I love everything about it! It's all of my favorite things coming together - a book-inspired packaging, matte formulation and right-up-my-alley shades. And as if I needed more motivation to get me one, they also partnered with Zalora, a marketplace that can be found online that delivers right to your doorstep along with a code to get Php100 off the original price when you purchase them on its first week. Long story short, in 5 days time, a Zalora package arrived at my doorstep and it was probably the longest 5 days of my life.

The struggle was real. I didn't know whether to pick out Too Cool or Hot Stuff which basically only determines the packaging design you'd end up with as both the shades will be included inside anyway. The idea for this collection is to come up with the basics that are mostly used in editorials which is why they ended up with a Too Cool, a classic nude and Hot Stuff, a timeless red. Another thing about this collection is that this is actually the first ever set of  Moisturizing Matte Lippies from Happy Skin. And you know how I already love me a good matte lipstick. Add moisturizing to the mix? Give it to meeeeee! Speaking of the formula, which Happy Skin proudly claims to have an unrivaled hydration for a matte formulation (and which really made me want to have them), it really is moisturizing. I'm sure you've had the same issues with any matte lipstick. It's dragging, drying, sometimes may even bleed but we want it anyway because we're pretty stubborn like that. This is however one of the few exceptions and that is really saying something. The staying power is not that long though, 4 hours maximum with minimal drinking and eating in between but it's not such a bother to carry around with its practical packaging so you can always reach out for it when you need a touch up. 

Too Cool is a proper nude that needs a lot of layers to get an opaque finish. I honestly thought this will be easier to wear out than the red but like any nude lipstick out there, it's a hit or miss. It doesn't wash me out but it needs so much work to make it work. Like I need to load up on the blush or bronzer and go real heavy on the eyes if I really want to maximize its effect. The weird thing though is that I actually love it that I don't mind doing all the works as long as I end up with this on my lips. Hot Stuff is a full on red that needs almost no extra effort at all, just one layer and that's done. For a red and a matte one at that, it's quite impressive. It doesn't surprise me at all that I veer more towards this shade even for an everyday lip color. It's always a hit as what most of the reds in the market are, they seem to flatter every skin tone and make every set of teeth look generally whiter. On most days, I can get away with just brows, base and a bold lip and this is the one I constantly reach for to get that look. 

Like how it feels like when buying an actual book, you tend to gravitate towards the one with a pretty cover. I know they say don't judge a book by its cover, but this can be well an exception. The prettiness it shows from the outside matches the beauty that's on the inside. If I had a checklist to consider when it comes to deciding whether to give in to a hype or when to actually buy a limited edition collection, Happy Skin X Preview Magazine have got them all ticked off. I've waited long enough for my next Happy Skin purchase since this one and I'm so glad they came up with this - well worth the wait! I love it so much I've only been alternating between Too Cool and Hot Stuff if not the two of them at the same time. Oooh, sneaky peeky. More of that on my next post! Watch this space...

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