June 29, 2015

The KATE Tokyo Powderless Liquid For Cover Foundation

Can we discuss the name first? How can it possibly be this long? I bet you ten bucks I won't remember its name properly and just end up saying Kate Tokyo Foundation eventually. Even that proves to be a bit of a task at the moment as I have been recalling it in my head as Kate London, which is not even an existing brand. True story.

You know how much I love me a good - to powder foundation. I have had my share of cream to powder ones but I think this is my first ever liquid to powder product to date. The KATE Tokyo Powderless Liquid For Cover Foundation is a liquid foundation that dries and settles into a powder seconds after your application. That's where the powderless claim in the name comes in. You won't need to set your base with a powder like you usually need to when using liquid foundation. It also comes with a mini CC base, a make up primer that is supposed to blur out the pores with its light reflecting properties.

I have the shade OC-C which I believe is right in the middle of the shade range, they currently have six. The packaging is a plastic bottle with a cap that will reveal a pump when twisted open. Sleek move, eh. A light, liquidy formula with a thin consistency that you can easily apply and build up to your desired coverage. Since it promises to dry as a powder in seconds, I normally finish half of my face first then proceed to the other side when applying and blending this out with a brush or my fingers. Just to make sure none of the product goes to waste or hard to blend once it dries out on the area. And finally, the finish is superb! It gives that noticeable glow without the grease or the shimmer and flawless look and feel to your face. I remember my friend telling me that she often gets asked what are the products she's been using on her skin because it looks fab in real life and in photos. The secret's out - it's this foundation! (And she is the same person who kindly gifted me this, so thank you!)

As for the Kate Tokyo CC base, I've never tried any colour correcting cream (which is what a CC cream stands for) prior to this so my expectations were minimal to none. But on good skin days and when I can get away with no base at all, I find that this will work just fine on its own. And I like that. A lot. It must have something to do with the light reflecting properties because it can really even out the colors of your skin without the heavy coverage of a normal foundation.

If only for the overall practicality of this foundation, I'd say this is worth giving a go if you're looking for a new foundation to try and if you've got a little budget to spare. It's a good 30 mL of glowy, flawless skin in a bottle that will look as good in real life as it is in photos sans any filter. Now if all that is still not a good investment make up wise, especially in this day of Instagram and whatnot, then I don't know what is.


  1. Where did you buy that Ms? :) my girlfriend wants that kind of foundation. Hoping for your response thanks and Godbless:)

    1. Apologies, I seem to have disappeared on here so I hope it's not too late to pass the info to your girlfriend. Kate Tokyo Foundation is available in SM Beauty Dept Stores under the store Kanebo. Good luck and thanks for dropping by, Mr! :)


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