June 05, 2015

TGTC Summer Hair Routine

I've finally chopped it all of, the rest of my recent hair story you can read here, but you and I both know the shorter the hair, the harder it is to manage especially if you have the coarse, frizzy kind. I happen to belong right in that category so I knew what I signed up for when I went in for the bob. Unlike when I have it long and lifeless, a good ole hair grip and ponytail will do the trick but now, not anymore unless you want to end up as the girl with a man bun. So I've managed to keep up with a routine that works for the current length of my hair that doesn't take much of my time nor require a lot of product and/or effort alike. I've got here 3 tools and 2 products with a couple of techniques to go so, let's see...

After washing my hair, I either let it dry naturally or use a blow dryer to do the job quickly. But before doing anything, I quickly apply a hair oil to protect my hair from the heat and the pressure it will have to endure and right now, I just use the L'Oreal Mythic Oil. I haven't had much experience with blow dryers so I cannot say how the BaByliss Expert Plus 2100 may measure or differ from the others but I like it. It doesn't take long for me to dry my hair and it's not also too big to hold and take along with you so I never have to resort to the travel sized ones. It's got a nozzle and a diffuser with it so I alternately take one off and/or use both as per my liking. The nozzle to get the precise curls especially on the tips with the help of the brush and the diffuser to just dry the whole length of my hair. The Nano Technology Ceramic + Ionic Brush looks really scary but it gets the job done. It grips tightly from the roots to the tips and the body changes its color from black to white when you introduce heat to it so you can really tell if there's enough heat to work on your hair. A technique I always go for is parting my hair onto the littlest amount of hair you can possibly get at a time. This may take a while but at least you'd never have to go back to any section as compared to getting a huge chunk then missing out on some area. For this I use this little Parting/Teasing Comb I got from the department store. And then since its other end is used for teasing, I lightly backcomb the outer half of my hair just to give a little more body and volume to it, although let's be honest, I have the volume down on default. Now that we're pretty much done, of course you'll need something to hold the hardwork you've gone through in place and for this I use the Tresemme Salon Finish Hairspray. Now this holds the curled ends of my hair like its nobody's business. Plus it doesn't feel heavy and doesn't leave any white residue on the scalp. If I may also add, this smells divine as compared to other hair spray I've tried before and that is always a major plus. Nobody wants an overpowering scent that basically covers even your perfume.

Maybe when the temperature drops a little, I can finally jump right into the textured lob hairstyle, but for now this works for me. Plainly blowdrying my hair but curling the ends and holding them in so that I can live up to my #BareBatokForTheSummer campaign. Yes, that is a thing I hold closely to my heart this season because it is so hot in the Philippines right now - feel free to join the movement.

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