June 28, 2015

6 Things That Can Happen When You Attend A Friend's Wedding

I can now say my life as a grown woman has finally reached an interesting point since most of my weekends are now bookmarked with wedding invites. None of them is mine just yet but it's inevitable, my friends are starting to get hitched! Just recently I was part of the entourage, however last minute and incidental it was, I still had all of the feels a wedding's guaranteed to give you - laugh and cry and cry mostly.

1. You get to wear a gown, or properly dress up at least. I personally stick to my daily uniform of plain tee, jeans and shoes on a daily basis so it's nice to twirl around in a gown once in a while, dance prance around in your heels or finally dust off the dress that's been inside the closet far too long. 

2. You have the perfect excuse to get glammed up. You can step up your make up game and it will be valid. I had the privilege of being made up on the day since I am part of the entourage but I brought along with me a few things in case of make up emergency. And in this case, my 911 of a lipstick tube came in handy. I ended up swiping off the original lipstick the make up artist had put on and slapped on the Revlon Rosy Nude one, as per usual.

3. It almost serves as an instant reunion with friends. This is so true in our case. We hardly see each other now that our lives have gotten busier. Some friends have moved to a different country entirely. Some have commitments they can't detach themselves from like work. But when there's a wedding happening, they make time for it. So there's a huge chance of finally catching up with your friends you haven't seen in so long.

4. You take away all the happy feelings only a wedding can bring about. I know it's a cliche when you end up crying at a friend's wedding but I'm speaking from experience, it really just happens sometimes. It's something you can't force or control, it just happens. I have never cried so much tears in one wedding before. And yet I have never been so happy to witness a love story reaching one of its many happy endings than this one.

5. You feel all loved up. Having to bear witness to all sorts and kinds of love there possibly is, from the groom's one liner dedication to the bride up to the respective parents' going away messages and wishes, you somehow have got no choice but to feel the love. Although sometimes, when you don't have any or when you can only wish you have that kind of love, it kind of makes you feel the good kind of sad, the happy kind of lonely.

6. You will be embarrassed. You're likely to end up on the single ladies list the host will ask for during the reception. And that is fine. Been there, done that. I've gotten so used to the feeling that being on the list doesn't embarrass me anymore, if not at all. I am now the master of the Banana slash Trip to Jerusalem-like game that involves a single guy to be matched with a single lady. This and the belief that if you ended up with the garter or the bouquet, you're likely next to get married. Aw, man. If only it was that easy, or halfway true at least. 

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