June 29, 2015

The KATE Tokyo Powderless Liquid For Cover Foundation

Can we discuss the name first? How can it possibly be this long? I bet you ten bucks I won't remember its name properly and just end up saying Kate Tokyo Foundation eventually. Even that proves to be a bit of a task at the moment as I have been recalling it in my head as Kate London, which is not even an existing brand. True story.

You know how much I love me a good - to powder foundation. I have had my share of cream to powder ones but I think this is my first ever liquid to powder product to date. The KATE Tokyo Powderless Liquid For Cover Foundation is a liquid foundation that dries and settles into a powder seconds after your application. That's where the powderless claim in the name comes in. You won't need to set your base with a powder like you usually need to when using liquid foundation. It also comes with a mini CC base, a make up primer that is supposed to blur out the pores with its light reflecting properties.

I have the shade OC-C which I believe is right in the middle of the shade range, they currently have six. The packaging is a plastic bottle with a cap that will reveal a pump when twisted open. Sleek move, eh. A light, liquidy formula with a thin consistency that you can easily apply and build up to your desired coverage. Since it promises to dry as a powder in seconds, I normally finish half of my face first then proceed to the other side when applying and blending this out with a brush or my fingers. Just to make sure none of the product goes to waste or hard to blend once it dries out on the area. And finally, the finish is superb! It gives that noticeable glow without the grease or the shimmer and flawless look and feel to your face. I remember my friend telling me that she often gets asked what are the products she's been using on her skin because it looks fab in real life and in photos. The secret's out - it's this foundation! (And she is the same person who kindly gifted me this, so thank you!)

As for the Kate Tokyo CC base, I've never tried any colour correcting cream (which is what a CC cream stands for) prior to this so my expectations were minimal to none. But on good skin days and when I can get away with no base at all, I find that this will work just fine on its own. And I like that. A lot. It must have something to do with the light reflecting properties because it can really even out the colors of your skin without the heavy coverage of a normal foundation.

If only for the overall practicality of this foundation, I'd say this is worth giving a go if you're looking for a new foundation to try and if you've got a little budget to spare. It's a good 30 mL of glowy, flawless skin in a bottle that will look as good in real life as it is in photos sans any filter. Now if all that is still not a good investment make up wise, especially in this day of Instagram and whatnot, then I don't know what is.

June 28, 2015

6 Things That Can Happen When You Attend A Friend's Wedding

I can now say my life as a grown woman has finally reached an interesting point since most of my weekends are now bookmarked with wedding invites. None of them is mine just yet but it's inevitable, my friends are starting to get hitched! Just recently I was part of the entourage, however last minute and incidental it was, I still had all of the feels a wedding's guaranteed to give you - laugh and cry and cry mostly.

1. You get to wear a gown, or properly dress up at least. I personally stick to my daily uniform of plain tee, jeans and shoes on a daily basis so it's nice to twirl around in a gown once in a while, dance prance around in your heels or finally dust off the dress that's been inside the closet far too long. 

2. You have the perfect excuse to get glammed up. You can step up your make up game and it will be valid. I had the privilege of being made up on the day since I am part of the entourage but I brought along with me a few things in case of make up emergency. And in this case, my 911 of a lipstick tube came in handy. I ended up swiping off the original lipstick the make up artist had put on and slapped on the Revlon Rosy Nude one, as per usual.

3. It almost serves as an instant reunion with friends. This is so true in our case. We hardly see each other now that our lives have gotten busier. Some friends have moved to a different country entirely. Some have commitments they can't detach themselves from like work. But when there's a wedding happening, they make time for it. So there's a huge chance of finally catching up with your friends you haven't seen in so long.

4. You take away all the happy feelings only a wedding can bring about. I know it's a cliche when you end up crying at a friend's wedding but I'm speaking from experience, it really just happens sometimes. It's something you can't force or control, it just happens. I have never cried so much tears in one wedding before. And yet I have never been so happy to witness a love story reaching one of its many happy endings than this one.

5. You feel all loved up. Having to bear witness to all sorts and kinds of love there possibly is, from the groom's one liner dedication to the bride up to the respective parents' going away messages and wishes, you somehow have got no choice but to feel the love. Although sometimes, when you don't have any or when you can only wish you have that kind of love, it kind of makes you feel the good kind of sad, the happy kind of lonely.

6. You will be embarrassed. You're likely to end up on the single ladies list the host will ask for during the reception. And that is fine. Been there, done that. I've gotten so used to the feeling that being on the list doesn't embarrass me anymore, if not at all. I am now the master of the Banana slash Trip to Jerusalem-like game that involves a single guy to be matched with a single lady. This and the belief that if you ended up with the garter or the bouquet, you're likely next to get married. Aw, man. If only it was that easy, or halfway true at least. 

June 26, 2015

When Recent Reads Meet Recently On My Lips

When Happy Skin announced the collaboration with Preview Magazine to celebrate their 20 years of being #ImaPreviewGirl, I knew I have to get my hands on this limited edition collection! Aesthetically speaking, I love everything about it! It's all of my favorite things coming together - a book-inspired packaging, matte formulation and right-up-my-alley shades. And as if I needed more motivation to get me one, they also partnered with Zalora, a marketplace that can be found online that delivers right to your doorstep along with a code to get Php100 off the original price when you purchase them on its first week. Long story short, in 5 days time, a Zalora package arrived at my doorstep and it was probably the longest 5 days of my life.

The struggle was real. I didn't know whether to pick out Too Cool or Hot Stuff which basically only determines the packaging design you'd end up with as both the shades will be included inside anyway. The idea for this collection is to come up with the basics that are mostly used in editorials which is why they ended up with a Too Cool, a classic nude and Hot Stuff, a timeless red. Another thing about this collection is that this is actually the first ever set of  Moisturizing Matte Lippies from Happy Skin. And you know how I already love me a good matte lipstick. Add moisturizing to the mix? Give it to meeeeee! Speaking of the formula, which Happy Skin proudly claims to have an unrivaled hydration for a matte formulation (and which really made me want to have them), it really is moisturizing. I'm sure you've had the same issues with any matte lipstick. It's dragging, drying, sometimes may even bleed but we want it anyway because we're pretty stubborn like that. This is however one of the few exceptions and that is really saying something. The staying power is not that long though, 4 hours maximum with minimal drinking and eating in between but it's not such a bother to carry around with its practical packaging so you can always reach out for it when you need a touch up. 

Too Cool is a proper nude that needs a lot of layers to get an opaque finish. I honestly thought this will be easier to wear out than the red but like any nude lipstick out there, it's a hit or miss. It doesn't wash me out but it needs so much work to make it work. Like I need to load up on the blush or bronzer and go real heavy on the eyes if I really want to maximize its effect. The weird thing though is that I actually love it that I don't mind doing all the works as long as I end up with this on my lips. Hot Stuff is a full on red that needs almost no extra effort at all, just one layer and that's done. For a red and a matte one at that, it's quite impressive. It doesn't surprise me at all that I veer more towards this shade even for an everyday lip color. It's always a hit as what most of the reds in the market are, they seem to flatter every skin tone and make every set of teeth look generally whiter. On most days, I can get away with just brows, base and a bold lip and this is the one I constantly reach for to get that look. 

Like how it feels like when buying an actual book, you tend to gravitate towards the one with a pretty cover. I know they say don't judge a book by its cover, but this can be well an exception. The prettiness it shows from the outside matches the beauty that's on the inside. If I had a checklist to consider when it comes to deciding whether to give in to a hype or when to actually buy a limited edition collection, Happy Skin X Preview Magazine have got them all ticked off. I've waited long enough for my next Happy Skin purchase since this one and I'm so glad they came up with this - well worth the wait! I love it so much I've only been alternating between Too Cool and Hot Stuff if not the two of them at the same time. Oooh, sneaky peeky. More of that on my next post! Watch this space...

June 24, 2015

Pretty Pigments In A Pot

I can't be alone in this, can I? You know those days when you can't be bothered to blend your eye shadows properly? Or when you're in your late 20's and you've had enough of those glittery lids already? Well that would be me... and me again. These pretty pigments in a pot are basically the answer to some of my eye shadow woes. They've also easily become a favorite of mine. As you can probably tell, I am not big on eye shadows. I am more of a lipstick kind of girl so imagine coming across an eye shadow that works well (if not best) with lipstick girls? A thank you note to the make up gods is in order.

The bareMinerals Velvet Eye Shadows are loosely pigmented, matte eye shadow powders housed inside a clear glass pot. I have the shades Velvet Vanilla, a creamy white and Velvet Violeta powdery lilac. Now I am not even kidding when I say these loose pigments are incredibly smooth to apply and super easy to buff and blend, you won't even need a trusty MAC 217 for it. The color payoff is very satisfactory - one swirl and sweep and that's you done!  I like using the Velvet Vanilla all over my lids and up to the brow bone for a subtle highlight. I attended a make up workshop before and I remember being told to use this technique for an easy, everyday make up look. And it couldn't be more true. As for the Velvet Violet, I haven't found the courage to wear it out just yet. As you can probably tell, it is more dressy and the color is bolder than my usual neutrals but look at how pretty it is! I am really looking forward to using it soon, I really hope a situation presents itself ASAP. 

It is basically a lazy daisy's holy grail of an eye shadow in a pot. Or at least that's what it is (and will always be) for me. I wonder if I can still get my hands on some more shades though. The neutral ones since they're more right up my alley perhaps? C'mon make up gods, can I get a strike two? And while we're on it, here's a thank you from me to you. Because Velvet Vanilla + any lipstick shade I own, is nothing short of a perfect equation.

June 17, 2015

A Lightweight Line Up

Once upon a time, I tried going out sporting the literal "no make up" look and everybody went crazy asking if a) I was sick or b) I haven't had enough sleep. No big deal except none of which is an actual reality. I've just decided not to put any make up on really. So let's call it lightweight, shall we? Or "when you don't want to look made up but there's no way you're going out (again) with literally no make up on" line up.

I skip the foundation part and go straight to a medium to full coverage concealer like the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer. I use this normally - under the eyes, down the bridge of my nose, on my chin and on the center of my forehead. Then instead of just usually patting it in, I dab it on outwardly so it can cover as much area on my face as possible and won't feel as heavy. To set everything in place and prevent any possibility of crease city all over the face, I powder on using the Collection Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Powder. This applies thinly on the surface and seals the deal almost immediately. Depending on the weather, I normally go for one layer in the mornings but I do need another one during the afternoons when it can get pretty hot and sweaty outside. A little powder touch up never hurt anyone.

Now onto the eyes. If there's one surefire way to looking awake and composed even if you don't feel it, it's doing some tricks in the eye department as much as you can. Pop open those eyes by curling the lashes and lifting them up with a volumizing waterproof mascara, Maybelline The Falsies is my fave when it comes to getting the lashes game strong effortlessly. And since I really want to feel and look light as much as possible, I skip on drawing in my brows as well but not without tinting them a bit and grooming them in place using the Jazzy Collection Eyebrow Mascara.

Finally to put on a bit of color and add some freshness into the look, I use the Benetint Blush on my lips and cheeks. It's as subtle as you want your lips and cheeks to be, flushed but not really. Although it's there, you can see it but almost not feel it. A few of this tint goes into my lips as well just to pop in a healthier color before putting on a layer of the Bourjois Paris 3D Effect Lipgloss. Since I'm not really a fan of glossy lips, I go the extra step of dusting a bit of powder over them then lightly dabbing my lips with my finger for that plump looking lips. And that's it for the products I go for when I want to look half as decent so that I won't be mistaken to be ill and/or an honorary member of Team No Sleep. Like I said, it happened before. Never again, or at least that's the plan.

June 05, 2015

TGTC Summer Hair Routine

I've finally chopped it all of, the rest of my recent hair story you can read here, but you and I both know the shorter the hair, the harder it is to manage especially if you have the coarse, frizzy kind. I happen to belong right in that category so I knew what I signed up for when I went in for the bob. Unlike when I have it long and lifeless, a good ole hair grip and ponytail will do the trick but now, not anymore unless you want to end up as the girl with a man bun. So I've managed to keep up with a routine that works for the current length of my hair that doesn't take much of my time nor require a lot of product and/or effort alike. I've got here 3 tools and 2 products with a couple of techniques to go so, let's see...

After washing my hair, I either let it dry naturally or use a blow dryer to do the job quickly. But before doing anything, I quickly apply a hair oil to protect my hair from the heat and the pressure it will have to endure and right now, I just use the L'Oreal Mythic Oil. I haven't had much experience with blow dryers so I cannot say how the BaByliss Expert Plus 2100 may measure or differ from the others but I like it. It doesn't take long for me to dry my hair and it's not also too big to hold and take along with you so I never have to resort to the travel sized ones. It's got a nozzle and a diffuser with it so I alternately take one off and/or use both as per my liking. The nozzle to get the precise curls especially on the tips with the help of the brush and the diffuser to just dry the whole length of my hair. The Nano Technology Ceramic + Ionic Brush looks really scary but it gets the job done. It grips tightly from the roots to the tips and the body changes its color from black to white when you introduce heat to it so you can really tell if there's enough heat to work on your hair. A technique I always go for is parting my hair onto the littlest amount of hair you can possibly get at a time. This may take a while but at least you'd never have to go back to any section as compared to getting a huge chunk then missing out on some area. For this I use this little Parting/Teasing Comb I got from the department store. And then since its other end is used for teasing, I lightly backcomb the outer half of my hair just to give a little more body and volume to it, although let's be honest, I have the volume down on default. Now that we're pretty much done, of course you'll need something to hold the hardwork you've gone through in place and for this I use the Tresemme Salon Finish Hairspray. Now this holds the curled ends of my hair like its nobody's business. Plus it doesn't feel heavy and doesn't leave any white residue on the scalp. If I may also add, this smells divine as compared to other hair spray I've tried before and that is always a major plus. Nobody wants an overpowering scent that basically covers even your perfume.

Maybe when the temperature drops a little, I can finally jump right into the textured lob hairstyle, but for now this works for me. Plainly blowdrying my hair but curling the ends and holding them in so that I can live up to my #BareBatokForTheSummer campaign. Yes, that is a thing I hold closely to my heart this season because it is so hot in the Philippines right now - feel free to join the movement.

June 03, 2015

A "Two Toned Everything" Summer Look

I initially wanted to call it My Kylie Jenner Edit but let's face it, I cannot ever live up to any Kylie Jenner claim so once and again, The 1975 lyrics reference to the rescue. I am a kid from the 90's but seeing as I came late to the make up party, I feel like I'm kind of making up for lost make up times just now. So here's my proper nod to the 90's look which made way for neutral and brown-toned make up with matte skin and lips. No trace of highlighter was ever seen during that era and this summer, it's what I always go for when I can and it will be valid to skip if not go low on the highlighter game.

I've already talked about my summer base on this post and it's basically what I've been going for all summer long. Then I proceed to the eyes wherein I pick out the matte shades from my Inglot Freedom Eyeshadow Palette. These are the Matte 326, a dark chocolate brown color that goes into the crease and a generous amount of the matte creamy shadow called Matte 330 that goes right all over the lid. I find that this look will suit most of the eye shapes but I find it rather more flattering on girls with hooded eyes as it gives out the illusion of bigger eyes. And then for the lips, I take the 90's trend here seriously by going all matte and all neutral with a use of a brown-toned lip pencil and rosy nude lipstick. I know this lipstick look isn't everyone's cup of tea as for some people, it washes them out and some just really like their pinks and reds but I personally am a fan of neutral lips. I use L.A. Girl Lip Pencil in Mauve and Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in Rosy Nude.

As you can probably tell, these products are well loved by yours truly that I am thisclose to finishing both of them off soon especially now that they've been getting a lot of wear out this summer. Using a lipliner on its own is something I do on regular basis, I find that it's easier to get my 90's vibe on with it but to maximize the two-tone effect of the look, I dab on a nude lipstick with a rosy undertone on top of the mauve lip liner to add a little more color and depth therefore not completely washing my lips off. And then I stop before I reach for any highlighter or sparkle because as much I love a good swipe of highlighter on my cheeks, the summer sun has got that covered for me. I'd take a pass on the shine for now, please and thank you.
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