April 20, 2015

Why You Need To Curl Your Lashes

Clearly I am in no position to speak of the ways on why you need to curl your lashes because I was once called out if I do curl them. It's really that not obvious on me even if I did take my time out to curl them. And then there was one time when I actually didn't and I was called out on it just the same. I never thought it made a difference, let alone one that is too obvious for people to notice and ask me about it. So after one too many instances, I have decided on never skipping the part of my routine wherein I curl my lashes. Never again.

If you have hooded lids. Seriously, we need all the help we can get in the eye department which is why curling the lashes will always be relevant. It gives the definition we need to get our eyes popping out. It helps create an illusion of lifted eyes so it brightens up the face and makes it look more alive and perked up.

If you want a bigger set of eyes. Nothing opens up your eyes like a good curl and loads of coats of your favorite mascara. It even creates an illusion of fuller lashes further defining your eyes and making it look brighter and bigger than they really are which is always a good thing and ever so flattering.

If you are an eyeglass wearer. The last thing you need are lashes getting in the way of your lenses. So whatever you do, just don't forget to curl them. And load them up with coats of waterproof mascara just to make sure the curl will hold and won't be caught sweeping in your vision later on the day.

If you need to make an impression. If you were able to do the littlest of things down to curling your lashes then it basically means you've got the rest of the bigger things sorted out well. This is probably the least beauty related bit but it gives you that rare feeling of accomplishment and it's always a good one to have within your reach. The Joys Camille Logic, in full effect right here.

The reasons as to why you need to make that extra step of grabbing your eyelash curler and take 3 minutes off your morning to dedicate to your eye lashes vary to every single girl out there but I think we will all agree on one thing - it has to be done. If you aren't already then get involved, mi lady.

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