April 17, 2015

The Untold Story Of A 'Primer'

You've been hearing all about it but do you really know what is it? Well, I would be the first to tell you that I never knew about primers until I started blogging and watching Youtube beauty channels. Even until then, I didn't know the actual difference they can make or if they are essential at all. It was only after I got myself a tube of Benefit The Porefessional when it all started to make sense and when my primer story started to unfold...

It's called a primer because it literally primes the skin, isn't that just the most obvious thing ever. But really, it just means it helps in preparing and protecting the skin at the same time. Somehow giving a protective sheath between your skin and the whole lot of make up you would soon be slapping on. It also gives your make up, mostly your foundation and eye shadow something to hold on to, hence making it last longer and prevents them from creasing or caking. This doesn't mean you'd need to purchase a primer per se. Your last step of your skin care which is a moisturizer can be considered as a 'primer' too because it technically does the same thing. Although if you are looking into buying one, then I have these two that I have tried and loved ever since. If you're curious as to how these two actually differ besides the fact that they actually look so much alike, I've written a post on it that you can read here. The Maybelline Pore Eraser is generally a smoothen-er but provides no coverage at all with a bit of a moisturising feel to it. This feels like an adhesive and an invisible veil lightly covering your face. This is also the one I reach out for when I do need a proper primer for a make up look, letting it sit for a few seconds on my face before I proceed on my foundation application. And then there's Benefit The Porefessional which is my first primer love. It blurs out the pores and gives you a slight coverage with a matte feel to it so it kind of serves as an extra layer of skin which looks and feels thinner and smoother. During my good skin days, I can actually go away with just using a primer mostly on my T-zone then lightly spreading it out on my forehead, cheeks and chin, skip foundation at all and just a slight dusting off a translucent powder to set it all and that's my base done.

Did it make any difference? Yes. It's one of the many make up things that you can't actually put your finger on but it's there. You can see and feel it. Is it essential? For me, yes. I have oily skin and I need all the help I can get to get the make up last long on me and the extra step that is called priming my face have made all the difference. Who would've thunk dat? Initially, I'd say not me. Which is why I'm curious about you and your primer story. Care to share?

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