April 03, 2015

The Go To Guys For An Everyday Eye

For days when you can't be bothered to use loads of eye brushes, and we all know how many of them can be possibly used for the simplest eye make up look, we've all been there. One woman cannot have enough eye brushes in her life. Like right now, all I really want in life is two pieces of the MAC 217 brush as if I don't have enough brushes already. And when in reality, you only need two. True story.

The proper pack it on brush. The easiest way to get the color into the lids is to use a flat shader brush. It basically looks like how it's called so it's easy to spot one when you go looking for it in a sea of eye brushes. I use the MAC 242 and it has been such a joy to see how this picks up just the right amount of product to well, pack on the lids and instantly see the results. Its width is perfect for shading either vertically or diagonally, whichever way you prefer. The buttery shadows are my favorite thing to pick up with this because it looks so gorgeous and pigmented at one shade, simple eye things you know.

The 70% blending, 30% crease brush. A blending brush is a must have, any kind of it will have to do as long as it does the job of blending the uneven swatches on the lid, sweeping the harsh edges on the crease and defining the depth of the outer corner. You need to ditch those tiny little blending brushes and sponges that usually comes with eye shadow packages, they won't serve any purpose and hardly ever going to work well. Since I have yet to own a MAC 217, I prefer using the Real Techniques Duo-Fiber Eye Brush for this. Just sweeping this onto my crease in a back and forth motion helps a lot in eliminating the harsh edges, the slightly pointed tip handles the defining of the outer corner and the dome orientation of the bristles gets all the blending you'll ever need done. Ain't it a multitasker of a brush. I know, I know.

Two brushes, tops. All you'll ever need for everyday eye. Get involved, aye? See what I did there...

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