April 12, 2015

Tasse De Café At Poetry & Prose Patisserie.

Happy coffee places make me happy. That's the latest addition to my self-made coffee related quotes. I've finally ticked Poetry and Prose Patisserie off my list. I dubbed it as the coffee shop of my Pinterest dreams coming to life. Except maybe its location is a little too mainstream for me and I'll definitely have a separate area for books and floor to ceiling shelves on mine. Other than that, this quaint coffee shop in the middle of the hustlin' and bustlin' area of ShangriLa Mall is a proof that dreams can come true. In life and in cafes alike.

It was one Wednesday afternoon, a prelude to a movie night out with friends when we decided to spend our waiting game checking this place out. It looks crisp in white overalls matched with bright white lights. Very Pinterest-y, if I do say so myself. Maybe it has something to do about the walls washed out in white and the only splash of colors would be the sweets they have to offer on display. I immediately thought of the French phrase, "La poesie est dans la rue", when I was finally settled inside. What with the word poetry in its name and all over the place - hanging on the wall, written in the mirror. It's one of those cafes who've got their menus on display outside so you can have a look on what they have to offer so I already knew I'm going to have a cup of their Cafe Latte. I was looking forward to the whole frothy experience and brewing my own since I've been trying to make a pass on fancy coffee as much as I can for the longest time now. And what's a cup of coffee, or as the Frenchies would say "tasse de cafe", without a sweet or two on the side. True to one of the words hanging on the wall, "A party without a cake is just a meeting", having a cake is defnitely in order. We picked out L'Opera because it's the only one available at that time and with the taste turn out, it was such a good tasting cake - for the lack of a better set of words in my foodie vocabulary, I definitely didn't care that we were left with not much of a choice. Don't be deceived though as this piece is good enough for two, but if you're having a cheat day... then I say indulge my friend and have it all to yourself. This time around, the extra sugar rush and dose of calories will be worth it, you can quote me on that.

If only for a little while and considering the fact that I haven't been exactly to Paris, being inside Poetry & Prose Patisserie is like having a piece of Paris in Pinas, at least for me. It was such a great experience - the exteriors, interiors and the goods lived up to its impression and I'm definitely coming back to grab a bite of their bread and maybe a cuppa Cappuccino for a change and for kicks. And like I always say, I can smell the happy coffee memory already.

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