April 22, 2015

So Far This Summer In 3 Words...

It cannot be denied, summer has officially arrived. And as soon as I started feeling it, I almost immediately acted on it. Here's how my summer has been looking like so far in three words: lob, lenses and lips.

I've recently joined The Lob Club! First on my list of things to do is to get a haircut and I have screenshots to prove that I have long pinned this hairstyle to be mine but I have never seem to have had the right opportunity. It was one afternoon when I just felt like I have so much hair going on already when I decided to just cut it all off. Scrunching it up has been my favorite way to style it. The more it stays out of my face, neck and nape, the better. As you can see, I don't really need texture per se, I happen to have loads of it already so I just use a pump of the L'Oreal Mythic Oil, rub them onto my palms and apply it on the tips to tame and polish - that's my summer hair sorted. As for my accessory of choice this summer, meet Ricky. It's part of the Avon x Sunnies By Charlie Collection and it's gorgeous. It's like an oversize and quirky version of an aviator. I particularly love the green glare of the lenses and the matte finish of the rim. A new pair of sunnies is always a welcome addition to every season, this time I've got myself a Ricky and he's quite the photogenic one. And then of course, what's a new season without a new lipstick to match? I realized I only have the bold ones in red and pink but I don't seem to have enough coral and orange so I was happy to see the Avon Matte Mandarin hanging around in my collection. It appears to have this watermelon-ish shade on the lips, not quite red yet with a subtle tint of orange to it. Summery enough to give your face not just a pop but a splash of summer color without looking like whole lot will melt onto your lips under the scorching sun.

And that's basically my summer look sorted - all ready to run, escape from the city and follow the sun. Yep, One Direction song reference 'cause I can't help it. HA!

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