April 13, 2015

My Sweat Proof Summer Base

You're probably thinking... I spy the same products, what makes this selection season appropriate let alone sweat proof. What actually changed? I actually asked myself the same question and I realized the answer almost immediately.

As much as I don't want to slather on a lot of products onto my face during the summer, it has to be done. Grooooan. So I settle for the next best thing and just use the products you can almost never feel, like they're never there. I start with a primer because without it, I highly doubt if any of my make up will stay put the moment I step out of the house. It will make a whole lotta sense too once I reveal the next step. I use the Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser and concentrate mainly on the center of my face spreading out and all over. For warmer months, I veer away from using liquid foundation generally. I find that they tend to run and crease on me all the more. So I reach for the Collection Ultimate Fix Foundation Concealer Powder which is hands down, your best friend in the making as much as wanting less product slapped on your face is concerned. It's going to give you a decent coverage that you may already skip the concealer but if you really need to get a fuller coverage, you can always add on another layer on the spots and blemishes. And since it's a cream product, it needs something to stick onto and helps the formula to warm up, hence my use of the primer. It's a powder finish so you won't have that shine at all, And I'm sure me and the rest of the oily girls of the world would appreciate a no added shine base this time of the year, no thank you. However if I need to be out on a whim and do not have the time to blend out properly, it's the Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation I reach out for. This is thin in consistency so it's the easiest thing to blend out even with your fingers and just gives you a flawless, my skin but better complexion altogether. But you know what really seals the deal? Even quite literally actually, is the inclusion of the Real Techniques Miracle Sponge in the mix. Nothing seals your base make up base like this one does. It has a rounded edge, a pointed tip and a flat surface to it, that's why it's able to stand on its own in the photo without rolling down sans a blu-tack or any adhesive. The rounded edge to blend out the cheekbones and forehead area, the pointed one to reach the inner and smaller corners and the flat one for the rest of the face. Which I really find amusing, because I never thought about the difference it can actually make. Run this down with water, squeeze out the excess and slightly tap in it all over your face to blend out the base et voila - a seamless, au naturale finish. An extra nudge that won't budge.

I've tested this out during one of the most summery activity I can think of, during the One Direction Concert and surprisingly, my base stay put! Withstanding the heat, the rain and all sorts of reaction from a twenty something multitasking fangirl. And if that alone isn't enough, a girl friend of mine even asked me for the products I actually used after sharing a post concert photo of myself on Facebook. Which is why I'm fairly certain that's my face sorted out for the summer. Bring it, sunshine!

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