April 06, 2015

My Shortlisted Summer Essentials.

Unlikely set of essentials but you know me, I like to twist things up a bit in here. A full beauty related summer essentials will be on its way as soon as the situation presents itself. Like when I am actually to the beach to get my tanning game on or to the mountains to keep my knees strong, whichever comes first.

Destination Disney. Not exactly, so I just thought of bringing the Disney state of mind with me. And how else to bring that thought to life by putting Mickey Mouse in the picture, insert a theme park backdrop and ta-da, instant Disneyland! Planning your summer weekend getaways' always fun, the anticipation and the actual joy you would get from it can make you feel like you've been to the happiest place on earth when in reality it's just in Skyranch Tagaytay. No that I am complaining...

Matte Lips Matter. Red lips isn't exactly a summer lip color for many but it is for me. I always try to downsize the amount of makeup I put on during this time of the year because I am the oiliest person ever, things I slap on gets washed away the moment I step out into the sun. I'm sweaty like that, TMI sorry. This is  my current fave, Matte Merlot from Avon which I know I've said a mill times over here how it's such a gorgeous shade of red. A bright pop of color to add brightness into the summer sun.

Sunnies Anonymous. I'm not sure where I got these sunnies from but it's the one I reach for when I find the time to put contact lenses on and I can actually make use of them. I tend to go for the big and bold ones because I have a rather huge face to frame. Although really, what's a summer without a sunnies accessory. It's like it comes with the whole summer-sun-territory.

A Table For Two. If you haven't already noticed, I play favorites and when it comes to a summer read, I will always come back to Marla Miniano's novel called Table for Two. The main reason I carry around a "real" book with me is that I am afraid of boredom and being left with nothing to do. Besides, a good read can take you to places without even moving so just imagine when you're actually in motion and with a good book? With the stories and characters from this novel, believe me, being bored is the last thing you'll ever be!

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