April 26, 2015

If Only I Take Record Store Days Seriously

Do you believe in love at first sight? Well, I do now. The brick walls. The red doors. The black panels. The industrial lights. I am easily sold when a place is as pretty as this from the outside but it's an entirely different story if you still feel the same way once you're inside. Let's just say that if and when I can dream my non-existing TGTC HQ into life, it will look a lot like this.

I am not going to pretend like I know anything Record Store Day related but if you follow a guy like Matty (of The 1975) on social media, you kind of get what it means without even trying so hard and if you have been wanting to be a Londoner all your life, you tend to adopt their ways and apparently, a record store day is an annual event and kind of big in the UK. But long before the fuss and whatnot, I've kind of fallen in love with the whole record store vibe when I came across Satchmi, a quaint boutique situated inside a chaotic mall that offers a slice of an otherworldly experience if old fashioned things and non-fancy coffee are right up your street. I will surely be floored if and when someone will take me in here to experience everything for the first time so I suggest if you see anything you like in the photos, it's worth paying a visit. I only ever did take photos and roamed around during mine, so I can't really say much on the matter other than I've fallen in love with it aesthetically speaking. There are booths when you can experience hearing a vinyl record play and just get lost in your own little world of pretty. There's a coffee shop right smack in the middle of it all if you are more of the conversational type and then there's a couch to lounge on when you feel like plopping down and reading a book or write something down. 

Like I said, I do believe in love at first sight now if it's anything close to this. I can't wait for the second-sight though with a whole lot of Satchmi'd experience on the side. Unlikely coffee shop stop if you ask me, but something I will surely find myself highly involved with... if only I take record store days seriously. Going to get there maybe, one vinyl record purchase at a time, (which is of course, The 1975's). Shocker.

PS. Still hoping a Motorino turntable will magically appear in my life the soonest as we can't make the one we have at home work anymore. Until then, I think I'm just going to stare at the records endlessly because they're too pretty not to look at. Joys Camille logic.

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