April 01, 2015


.... Aaaand that's a wrap! Where did March go? As I finally flip the last page of my journal for this month, I realized a few things worth celebrating. One thing is that I have successfully committed to my newly launched schedule as far as blogging on TGTC is concerned. *pops champagne* I hope you're all caught up with the changes and enjoying the ride so far. I surely am, thank you for sticking around, time flies when you're having fun, eh. And the other thing, well...

One of my favorite highlights this month is my launching of #MAKEUPBYJYSCMLL. Now ain't that a huge one to drop mid blog post? Not so many people have heard of it until I finally braved the grown up streets and came up with an official Facebook Page last February 14, saying that it's my way of celebrating the love month this year. Quick background. I am a Pharmacist by profession and used to work as a full time Regulatory Affairs Pharmacist until July of 2o14. But I've decided to take on a new step one since I wanted to be something else and in order to do that, I needed to be something else as well. Which is when and why I became a Make Up Artist. By October of the same year, I've already finished my Basic Fashion Make Up Course with Fashion Institute of the Philippines. And I've never looked back, from a Pharmacist to a Make Up Artist. At least, that still rhymes, somehow.

Although my professional works as a make up artist would only be limited to my Facebook Page, a few tricks and tips on here wouldn't hurt right? So if there's anything I can help you with or you're curious about, shoot me a message or drop a request and I'd try to come up with a post about it over here at TGTC. So far, Embracing The Art Of Kilay is the most requested one... Anything else you fancy?

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