March 13, 2015

What My Lips Wore To The 1975 Concert

Everything from that night was a blur, from my photos (as you can probably see) to my memories, or at least they were until the night or the month after, I can't really tell. But there's this one thing I remember so well, it's the lips I chose to wear on the night I'd be seeing my Manchester Boies perform in an arena for the first time ever. I already said in a post before how I seem to always prioritize things, particularly what my lips will be wearing when it comes to big events and of course, this night's no exception.

Since when did a lip product become a concert essential? Who knows when and why, I just know I had to keep a lip product with me that's going to last me from my preconcert drinks session to my endless live singing to post concert chats on stairs right after the concert and some more drinking session. And I am happy to report that Nivea Extreme Resist Glossy in Cheery Pink has conquered all that, kind of impressed! It's also a huge help that it's convenient - easy to apply and carry around plus you wouldn't need to retouch at all! It comes in a double capped ended tube, the other one's the lip tint, the other end's the gloss. Now this takes the lip 'n lock business sinceriously. You have to apply the tint first, which is paint like in consistency and have a slight scent to it then you have to wait for at least 2 minutes before topping it off with the gloss and voila, once it's there, it's no going anywhere! It feels rather weird to have a very sticky tint on your lips but once you top it off with the gloss, it's no bother anymore. It looks frosted rather than glossy but I like that better, it doesn't give you the botchy feeling of having a gloss that sticks and feels rather heavy and plump. It just locks the colour in place and add a bit, if not a little too much, sparkle on your lips. It reminds me of the new Rimmel Provocalips but I haven't got my hands on those yet so I guess it's the trend now? I can see why though, anything that makes the application easier and the color to last longer, I'm all up for it! And oh how appropriate, I am indeed once cheery fangirl with pink lips that night!

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