March 30, 2015

The Concealers On My Platter

Long before I realized the benefits of the art of concealing, I've always wondered why my face lacks brightness and feels lifeless most of the time. Well, not anymore. The art of concealing is not limited to the dark circles under your eye, that's just one part of it. And if you're wondering why I suddenly have a platter of concealers to choose from, here's why.

If you need to cover your dark circles... It's what they are for by default and if you're a night owl like myself, you will need a medium to full coverage concealer to get things done. I've been using this Essence Match 2 Cover Cream Concealer. It's a cream concealer with two shades to choose from. Usually going a shade lighter than your skin tone is advised but I find mixing them both gives me a more natural coverage I need to bid those those dark circles goodbye. Since it's a cream product, you would need to set it with powder to avoid creasing and I use a yellow based powder for that just to maximize the concealing effect - dark circles be gone!

If you need to hide your blemishes... Now this is where you get the shade closest to your skin tone as possible because you would use it for spot concealing. To cover any redness or patches all around the face, you wouldn't want lighter spots here and there. I use the Collection Lasting Performance Concealer in the darkest shade which is Medium 03, I think. This sits well on my face, creamy consistency and easily blends with or without the use of a brush. It's with a doe-foot application which makes spot concealing easier to do, bid buh-bye to blemishes too!

If you need to highlight some areas... My newest one on the platter. It's got those retractable bottom with a brush tip packaging that just makes the highlighting done ever so easily. A friend recommended San-San HD Concealer to me and since I'm running low on my other Collection Concealer that I have in a lighter shade I use for highlighting, I thought I'd give this one a whirl instead. Using a dense brush to tap it in has always been my way to do it but I've recently been using a blending sponge for it and I loved the result more. Now there's the light and life I've clearly been missing!

If you need to contour the edges... Which I do, personally. I'm okay with powders usually but when I really want to cut cheekbones and chisel my jawlines, I go for the creams. The stick concealers are usually what I go for since they are the easiest to apply. I have the Free Age Correctore Sticks in the lightest and darkest shades. Its stick and pencil-like packaging makes the outlining for the cheekbones, jaw and nose line done effortlessly.  The key is to blend upwards, never downwards either by a brush or a damp sponge and bam! Cheekbones and jawlines like you've never had them before.

If you need to brighten things up... For an eyeglass wearer, this is an essential. Trust me when I say this because I have been wearing glasses all my life and this is life changing. Aside from the dark circles, we need help to just amp up the brightness around the eye areas. They get a little tired and easily look weary from the weight of the glasses and all the pain only glass wearers are familiar with which is why I need help in hiding these on a daily basis. I use the Benefit Lemon Aid Color Correcting Eyelid Primer to literally wake up my lids, correct and cover any discoloration I have in the area and you see results instantly - like you're face have been literally lit up.


  1. I need to use my Collection Lasting Performance Concealer again because I have a big acne scar on my cheek! >.< I am also wanting to try the Lemon Aid and Essence Match 2 Cover Cream Concealer since forever. Might get them when I can! Thanks for the helpful tips! :)

    1. Aw, that's too bad but at least the Collection Concealer's there for us during the sad times, haha! Are you an eyeglass wearer too? Because if so, get Lemon Aid! Super sulit! Thanks for dropping by Juvy, appreciate the love as well. :)


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