March 20, 2015

The Bronzer and The Brush.

I love a good warmth on my face and some days, I even go for an ever so slightly obvious contour on my cheeks and the bridge of my nose. Though I know you would have to agree with me when I say, if there's one season the bronzer game is strong, it's every summer. And lo and behold, summer's just around the corner. So although I have never quite fallen into a routine, I recently noticed I always find myself reaching for the same products to get things done as far as bronzing is concerned.

The UNE Sun Mineral Matt Bronzer is what I'd like believe is my perfect accessory for every summer when tanning and a lot of bronzing up can happen and it'll be fairly acceptable. It's matt, powdery but transfers lightly on to skin and it's mineral make up so aside from the damage the sun can probably cause my skin, at least my bronzer is one less face product to worry about. I've got the shade SM07 Brunettes which is the one I find flattering on my natural skin tone. It leans more on the darker than the orangey side of brown so you can build it up if you want a rather stronger, more visible and defined cheekbones. But if you just want warmth and a little su'm sum'n to avoid a flat out face, you can use a fluffier brush to swipe it on the high points of your face for the natural warmth like you've just been out in the sun for a little tan.

This is the brush that I would say is quite deceiving, the Sheer Coverage Studio Contour Brush. I thought it was blending brush at first, and don't get me wrong, it can be used as such but I then discovered it is actually the perfect bronzer brush. It picks up the right amount of powder and then when you swipe it onto the hollows of your cheeks, it just gives you the right dimension for the definition you need. You can seriously map out the hollows of your cheeks or the bridges of your nose as you wish since the brush is especially designed for it. Blending products with this brush, either a blush or a bronzer and dusting off a highlighter can be such a dream, it's that easy. You won't ever have to worry as there's minimal to no risk of looking too bronzed or too contoured - if there is such a word.

And that concludes my tale of the bronzer and the brush. Have you got yours? Do let me know as I'm always in search for a new tool or product to try.

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