March 23, 2015

My Personal One-Two Punch.

When summer starts to make its presence felt especially on my face and specifically around my upper lip area, I tend to downsize the amount of product I slap on. I can skip the rest of the steps on my usual routine but two things - the lips has got to be on point and the eyebrows have got be on fleek. (Am I cool enough to get away with that? Hee.) Here is when my personal one-two punch theory comes in the picture. True in boxing. True in make up.

For the lips, I would always pick a bold one and I really prefer going for the reds. Go red or go home state of mind. A bold red lip brightens up your face and brings in a pop of colour in an instant. It  also takes away the focus on your under eye area which can get a little baggy sometimes. I've long been going on and on about filling in your brows. Whether you fancy using a pencil, powder or a brow mascara for this, do it! It makes a whole new world of difference, it frames your face and gives it a structured look. I usually go for the pencil so that it stays put and doesn't budge even under high temperatures. Two products tops and your done! Who knew a bold red lip and filled in brows can actually make a world of difference. Basically and easily my go-to, foolproof look. What's yours? 

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