March 11, 2015

I Like Mine Naked and Nude, Please.

I think when it comes to making things look like the way they are but better, like your face and lips perhaps, Revlon has got it down. The Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation has been my favorite one to grab when I don't feel like wearing a heavy base but still wants a decent coverage. This literally feels like your face is nearly naked of foundation when in fact, you've got a layer on. I picked out the shade Natural Beige and it fits my morena skin perfectly. It can give a light to medium coverage but I rarely go medium on this, one layer is always enough for me. It's best to use your fingers on applying as well because I find that it kind of pushes the product more on to your skin and blends well with the help of the warmth your fingers give off.

Now onto the nude lip which I can proudly claim that this is indeed a MLBB for me, my lips but better shade. Going nude can go wrong in so many ways, I have had my fair share of wash out lips moments when I insisted on using a pale nude lipstick instead of a rosy nude ones. I find that Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in Rosy Nude is the exception, if not the one I have secretly been looking for. It appears brownish on the tube rather than rosy but when applied on the lips, you can see the hint of rose in it, more like an old rose actually but a bit darker. The formula is very moisturising that it actually glides on the lips but in no way sheen nor shiny so you can get away with two swipes and still look as natural as it can ever be. However, it follows that this may require a few touch ups than necessary as compared to the matte ones but nothing an old trick using a powder and a tissue can't fix. If there's one everyday lip I'd gladly recommend to anyone, this will be it. In fact, that is why for my everyday make up menu, I very much like mine in Nearly Naked and Rosy Nude most of the time. Please and thank you.

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