March 02, 2015

How I Wore My Han Solo Shirt

It may seem rather timely to talk about #TheShirt after the good old internet went crazy over #TheDress just a few days ago. Trust me to find the most random thing during a trip to the Menswear section.. and actually end up buying it. I'm sure the legit Star Wars fan will have a more detailed description of Han Solo but according to my research, "How cool is Han Solo? He is the only non-Jedi in the series to spark up a lightsaber and it doesn't look out of place in his hands. Now that's cool." Their words, not mine.

If I am being honest, my reference to Han Solo is totally non-Star Wars related, not at all. That wouldn't stop me from buying this shirt though. How the print turned out and the design altogether is right up my street, I just know I have to have it. It's from a random tshirt line inside the Robinson's Department Store and like I said, from the Menswear. I picked out a Medium because I figured it's just the right fit, slightly baggy but silhouette hugging as well. And then of course, almost immediately, I'd find a way to wear it. I paired it with my knitted pencil skirt with a subtle side slit from Mango, twisted the waist a bit so the slit will fall across the knee rather than the sides and slid into my gray pumps from Forever21 to balance out the casual menswear feel of it and give a feminine side to the whole look. I haven't tried any look other than all black everything the past months, as you can probably tell from my previous style posts so I was a bit excited to share this one because I really liked how it all turned out in the end. I think my hair's to do with it, short hair makes me feel braver of some sort. So, from a scale of 1 to Han Solo, how cool are you?

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