March 30, 2015

The Concealers On My Platter

Long before I realized the benefits of the art of concealing, I've always wondered why my face lacks brightness and feels lifeless most of the time. Well, not anymore. The art of concealing is not limited to the dark circles under your eye, that's just one part of it. And if you're wondering why I suddenly have a platter of concealers to choose from, here's why.

If you need to cover your dark circles... It's what they are for by default and if you're a night owl like myself, you will need a medium to full coverage concealer to get things done. I've been using this Essence Match 2 Cover Cream Concealer. It's a cream concealer with two shades to choose from. Usually going a shade lighter than your skin tone is advised but I find mixing them both gives me a more natural coverage I need to bid those those dark circles goodbye. Since it's a cream product, you would need to set it with powder to avoid creasing and I use a yellow based powder for that just to maximize the concealing effect - dark circles be gone!

If you need to hide your blemishes... Now this is where you get the shade closest to your skin tone as possible because you would use it for spot concealing. To cover any redness or patches all around the face, you wouldn't want lighter spots here and there. I use the Collection Lasting Performance Concealer in the darkest shade which is Medium 03, I think. This sits well on my face, creamy consistency and easily blends with or without the use of a brush. It's with a doe-foot application which makes spot concealing easier to do, bid buh-bye to blemishes too!

If you need to highlight some areas... My newest one on the platter. It's got those retractable bottom with a brush tip packaging that just makes the highlighting done ever so easily. A friend recommended San-San HD Concealer to me and since I'm running low on my other Collection Concealer that I have in a lighter shade I use for highlighting, I thought I'd give this one a whirl instead. Using a dense brush to tap it in has always been my way to do it but I've recently been using a blending sponge for it and I loved the result more. Now there's the light and life I've clearly been missing!

If you need to contour the edges... Which I do, personally. I'm okay with powders usually but when I really want to cut cheekbones and chisel my jawlines, I go for the creams. The stick concealers are usually what I go for since they are the easiest to apply. I have the Free Age Correctore Sticks in the lightest and darkest shades. Its stick and pencil-like packaging makes the outlining for the cheekbones, jaw and nose line done effortlessly.  The key is to blend upwards, never downwards either by a brush or a damp sponge and bam! Cheekbones and jawlines like you've never had them before.

If you need to brighten things up... For an eyeglass wearer, this is an essential. Trust me when I say this because I have been wearing glasses all my life and this is life changing. Aside from the dark circles, we need help to just amp up the brightness around the eye areas. They get a little tired and easily look weary from the weight of the glasses and all the pain only glass wearers are familiar with which is why I need help in hiding these on a daily basis. I use the Benefit Lemon Aid Color Correcting Eyelid Primer to literally wake up my lids, correct and cover any discoloration I have in the area and you see results instantly - like you're face have been literally lit up.

March 29, 2015

A Twenty Something's Reaction To One Direction

One Direction Live in Manila 2015? Not going is an option. As someone who will be turning 30 in 2 years' time, I don't think seeing One Direction live in a concert is a priority, let alone a possibility. But it's probably not for the same reasons you're thinking. I am a fan, since 2012 actually then I kind of drifted apart in 2014 because The 1975 happened. And then they had to come to Manila. The tickets were ridiculously priced and way beyond my already ridiculous of a fangirl capacity. On my mind, if I can't go VIP, I won't go at all. Besides that's what pretty boies in a boy band are for right? Their looks' half, if not all of it and so if you're out back, what's the point? Why bother? Then 2 days before the Manila leg, the news of Zayn missing it was all over the news and I thought, "Well, good call on not spending a fortune for a 4/5 turnout, self." but guys, was I wrong in so many levels!!! 

Yes, you guys. It happened. I was there, Zayn Malik wasn't. But all is well.

First off, they are incredibly talented. Surely they had to look superkaduper gwapo and adorable while at it, but that's not their fault, is it? It is so hard to entertain a huge crowd and maintain the same level of adrenaline from the first song down to the last and they performed a total of 23 songs. That is just something else. Although if I'm being honest, even if they just stand there and do nothing, or just go about prancing all over, I'd still have the same amount of fun. Sobrang gwapo and adorable lang nila, but I think I said that already? If you can get past the prettiness and the fancy accents, although good luck with that, I never got over those, their songs are actually nice and they are a shush load of fun live! They were dancing, singing, talking to a sea of thousands of people under the humid Manila skies...I danced to the Best Song Ever. Watched them perform as the Night Changes. Became a Girl Almighty literally. Counted all The Little Things. Wondered as to Where Do Broken Hearts Go. Suffered with that thing called Stockholm Syndrome. And then some more. I am pretty sure I did my 12 year old fangirl self proud.

I had no idea Niall can kill it with the strings. No. Idea. At. All. He can sing, dance, write a song and play the guitar while looking like the handsomest and cutest ball of sunshine on stage. My friend's videos have immortalized my rather unlikely behaviour for a late twenty something girl over 1 member of the world's biggest boyband. His dance moves will be the death of me. Do not even get me started on his Irish accent because that's an entirely different story. So yup, I've died and gone to Niall James' heaven. I couldn't stop smiling over my memory of Niall's part on Better Than Words, the live version, that I ended up on Youtube typing "meeting Niall" on the search engine three days after. However hardcore fangirl hangover in its full effect.

Thank you Smart for our tickets! None of these would've been possible if you weren't generous enough to hold a raffle contest for your loyal subscribers. And whole lot of massive thank you to Kamae for thinking of taking me when you won two tickets yourself. All my life I have been asking for chance encounters with my center of fangirl affection without realizing after all these years, that's all I've been getting. The 1975 with Rio then, One Direction with Kamae now. I am a lucky fangirl.

That's the funnest night of my 2015 yet, the happiest still belongs to The 1975. I regret nothing. Except for maybe not saving enough to afford VIP. But other than that? Nothing. Despite the waiting game under the sun in the morning and under the pouring rain the evening. Niall, Harry, Louis and Liam have been worth it. More than just a pretty face is the world's biggest cliche but they're not the world's biggest boyband for nothing. So techinically, it figures. That's why the next time they come around? That's a Not Going Is Not An Option already. Done deal this early. First line, middle, up front. I wish.

March 27, 2015

It's The Little (Beauty) Things.

You would never appreciate a long lasting make up until you've been under the sun and drenched in the pouring rain and still not look like it. You would never realize the difference curled lashes can make until someone will point it out to you. Oh you know... The little things you didn't think would actually make a difference but shocker, they actually do. True in life, true with beauty things, too.

As I have mentioned in this post, I have a rather new base routine that I have fallen in love with because it makes my skin look flawless, keeps it shine free and lasts all day long, withstanding both the sun and the rain. And I find this is why, the San-San Blending Sponge. Ever since I've ditched the brushes and started using a sponge applicator instead to blend the product in, I've noticed a more seamless and flawless base to work with. However it takes a lot of getting used to especially if you've been using brushes all your life. I either run it through or spritz it with water before getting it in action. It requires a bit more patience and a lot of time to completely blend the products in with what I personally call as the Damp Sponge Method. I also prefer going for the tap'n dab instead of the drag'n swipe but believe me, it's worth the extra effort. It clearly isn't as bouncy as the Beauty Blender nor the Real Techniques Sponge Miracle but it gives off the same result in the end. Unlike those disposable sponges, this can be washed with soap and it'll be as good as new. So far, it hasn't stretched on me nor started disintegrating into tiny little spongy debris. And for Php70, I can't really complain as it's actually a bargain. 

I have no idea why I have only learned about this now. This little guy has been lingering inside my drawer for a while and I've just unearthed it from the pile. You've heard about the hype, how this lash curler is a game changer and I am here to tell you that it's true. Yes, the Shu Uemura Lash Curler, is hyped up for a reason. The grip both on the handle and the curler itself is very precise that the lashes have got no choice but to give in, follow and hold its curl. I can't wait to get my hands on the regular one, but so far the mini one is life-changing on its own glory already. I mentally section my lashes into three parts, moving from the outer lashes going in. I hold the curl for a couple of seconds, lift them a bit before I release them then move to the next section. Et voila, your lashes like you've never seen them before. And considering it's been dusted over and over for who knows since when, it's still got no rust or loose ends on it. I guess that's the pricing justified, its quality will speak for itself and will be of good use for yonks.

March 25, 2015

A Bandanna Bandwagoner.

Just when you thought I couldn't possibly do another The 1975 reference post, here I am with another Matty-made-me-do-it moment. Even before the bloggers and the runway did it, Matty called it in early when he wore a black bandanna for the Robbers music video which is inspired by a movie called True Romance. And I am not going to lie, I've been wanting to give that look a try but I thought I'm not cool enough to pull it off. Until summer and this heat happened...

Summer days are clearly the days I just want to get rid of my hair falling all over my face and this trend pretty much gets it done whilst still looking a bit stylish, like you actually thought of putting much more thought into it than just literally pulling your hair back in a bun. And true to my accidental code of clothing that I mentioned in this post, I think I've found my appropriate accessory of the season. Mine is a random paisley red bandanna which I've been luxuriously wearing as a head scarf. I wore it to a trip to Tabora Streets of Divisoria and to the One Direction Concert in Manila. Both of which involved long hours of standing under the sun and I definitely needed all the help I can get to feel comfortable and cool. I do plan on wearing it to a more appropriate summer spot like the beach but the situation hasn't presented itself yet so that would have to wait. For now, it adds a little sum'n sum'n to my usual plain shirt and black pants combo and a whole lotta comfort in the hair department. If I ever get around into getting that perfectly scrunched up hair to go with this, because that's usually how I prefer styling it before deciding to put it all up in a bun because of the heat, I'll pop a new post soon.

Did you know that a bandanna is also know as a kerchief, from the French couvre-chef which means, "cover the head"? I didn't. My being a bandanna bandwagoner, justified. Oooops!

March 23, 2015

My Personal One-Two Punch.

When summer starts to make its presence felt especially on my face and specifically around my upper lip area, I tend to downsize the amount of product I slap on. I can skip the rest of the steps on my usual routine but two things - the lips has got to be on point and the eyebrows have got be on fleek. (Am I cool enough to get away with that? Hee.) Here is when my personal one-two punch theory comes in the picture. True in boxing. True in make up.

For the lips, I would always pick a bold one and I really prefer going for the reds. Go red or go home state of mind. A bold red lip brightens up your face and brings in a pop of colour in an instant. It  also takes away the focus on your under eye area which can get a little baggy sometimes. I've long been going on and on about filling in your brows. Whether you fancy using a pencil, powder or a brow mascara for this, do it! It makes a whole new world of difference, it frames your face and gives it a structured look. I usually go for the pencil so that it stays put and doesn't budge even under high temperatures. Two products tops and your done! Who knew a bold red lip and filled in brows can actually make a world of difference. Basically and easily my go-to, foolproof look. What's yours? 

March 22, 2015

How To Spend A Summer

Start a new hobby.
I've requested for a Yoga mat and a juicer for my monita during the holidays and I figured it's about time to put it to good use. I have been on and off with my #30DaysOfYoga but I've already done a week and it feels nice to actually have a goal and a schedule to follow. There are lots of channels you can follow but I personally like Yoga With Adriene which I discovered from Anna of Viviana Does Makeup. At the back of my mind, I'm thinking it's already a given that on summer days, you're likely to sweat a lot. So why not sweat with a purpose? (If that sounded gross, apologies.) It also feels quite nice and satisfying whenever you can do a new Yoga pose successfully, aside from you know, 'savasana' which is all we're looking forward to every single time.

Read as many books as you can.
For a while now, there's been an online book club thing going between me and some girlfriends but it's nothing official. I would've wanted to make it official but we are such pantsy with commitment that we can't really do it. So I thought about considering this Bingo Card-ish list of books to try sent to me by my online book club member, Rora. I thought it was a brilliant idea! I've started to put an X to some of the books I've done but I really want to try and finish more on the list this summer. For starters, let's try this: A book you chose because of the cover? Easy, Solo by Jill Mansell.

Eat out a lot.
Like I said, you're going to sweat a lot anyway so why not keep the balance of nature by eating a lot? Joys Camille logic. I've recently been involved to a personal project of eating out in the places I only see on Instagram and so far, so good. My favorites so far would have to be Maguinhawa St. in UP Village. It's basically a compound where in there'll be lots of pop up places to try. There's this quaint little Italy-inspired place called Friuli Trattoria along the streets of Maginhawa. Loved the unpretentious ambiance but loved the food more. If you're going, try the All Meat Pizza, Tuna Pasta and Mozzarella Sticks. Bring your friends along but just a heads up, expect a full house during dinner times and Friday nights.

Go to a not-going-is-not-an-option concert.
I don't know what it is about summertime but it's where and when the fangirls go broke and the hearts go wildly happy. There are loads of bands to choose from, let alone festivals to consider attending during this time of the year. If there's one band you can't miss out on, there's a huge chance they'll be 'round our part of the globe for a concert so go on about it! Tell those concert producers to shut up and take all of your money and swipe, buy that ticket! (By the time you're reading this, I am headed to the Harry/Liam/Niall/Louis Live in Manila 2015 Concert, but that's for another blog post maybe.)

Climb a mountain.
Now ain't that a major one to drop. But seriously I've had my first and major climb on the Summer of 2014 and I regret nothing! When the temperature rises on the kapatagans, it drops critically low on the kabundukans so that's where the cold is at! I don't know what was I thinking when I considered climbing Mt. Pulag but it was a good start to my non-existent mountaineering lifestyle. Still and I doubt if it will ever be replaced as one my favorite memories in this lifetime. The life on top is something you have to experience for yourself because there are just no words, believe me, I tried.

March 20, 2015

The Bronzer and The Brush.

I love a good warmth on my face and some days, I even go for an ever so slightly obvious contour on my cheeks and the bridge of my nose. Though I know you would have to agree with me when I say, if there's one season the bronzer game is strong, it's every summer. And lo and behold, summer's just around the corner. So although I have never quite fallen into a routine, I recently noticed I always find myself reaching for the same products to get things done as far as bronzing is concerned.

The UNE Sun Mineral Matt Bronzer is what I'd like believe is my perfect accessory for every summer when tanning and a lot of bronzing up can happen and it'll be fairly acceptable. It's matt, powdery but transfers lightly on to skin and it's mineral make up so aside from the damage the sun can probably cause my skin, at least my bronzer is one less face product to worry about. I've got the shade SM07 Brunettes which is the one I find flattering on my natural skin tone. It leans more on the darker than the orangey side of brown so you can build it up if you want a rather stronger, more visible and defined cheekbones. But if you just want warmth and a little su'm sum'n to avoid a flat out face, you can use a fluffier brush to swipe it on the high points of your face for the natural warmth like you've just been out in the sun for a little tan.

This is the brush that I would say is quite deceiving, the Sheer Coverage Studio Contour Brush. I thought it was blending brush at first, and don't get me wrong, it can be used as such but I then discovered it is actually the perfect bronzer brush. It picks up the right amount of powder and then when you swipe it onto the hollows of your cheeks, it just gives you the right dimension for the definition you need. You can seriously map out the hollows of your cheeks or the bridges of your nose as you wish since the brush is especially designed for it. Blending products with this brush, either a blush or a bronzer and dusting off a highlighter can be such a dream, it's that easy. You won't ever have to worry as there's minimal to no risk of looking too bronzed or too contoured - if there is such a word.

And that concludes my tale of the bronzer and the brush. Have you got yours? Do let me know as I'm always in search for a new tool or product to try.

March 18, 2015

A Rather New Base Routine.

I've been testing out a different kind of approach when it comes to my base these days and I've realized I haven't shared it on here. The reason why is that I've never quite figured out if I love it or the other way around. My skin is oily most of the time so I am always in search for a better base combination. Hydrating, moisturising and matte, if it were up to me. Otherwise I'd feel greasy and sweaty all over. However after a few more tries, I've finally arrived to the conclusion that this rather new base routine of creamy cakes combination is here to stay - I've fallen in love with it!

Whenever I'd come across a foundation that has cream to powder finish, I am always curious as to how it will sit on my skin. So when I spotted the Collection Ultimate Fix Compact Foundation during an idle trip to the make up isle, I really wanted to pick it up and thanks to my enabler of a friend Rora, I ended up buying it in the shade 02 Honey. Ultimately, what made me want to try this are the words lightweight and powder finish and since it revealed a velvety finish when I tried it on the back of my hand, I instantly loved the texture as it reminded me of the Inglot YSM Cream Powder which I mentioned here and which I have long been wanting to get for myself. The other shades are 01 Ivory and 03 Biscuit which can work as a cream concealer/highlighter and cream bronzer/contour respectively. For application, I go both ways - using a dense foundation brush and damp sponge alternately. I find the damp sponge technique more effective that's why I'm certain a purchase of the Real Techniques Miracle Sponge is going to happen sooner than later. It gives off a matte almost airbrush finish with a buildable coverage that doesn't feel heavy. Exactly where the magic words lightweight and powder-finish really comes in handy.

Onto the concealer, I thought I'd try a creamy one as I haven't tried anything like it since Benefit Lemon Aid back in the day and that's more brightening than concealing, so when I laid my eyes on the Essence Match 2 Cover Cream Concealer in 10 Natural Beige, I thought I'd finally give it a go. Creamy in consistency, easy to blend and with two shades to combine to match your skin tone and/or cover your blemishes, I'd say this is a good one for its price. The lighter one on the left I use for highlighting purposes, the slightly warmer one on the right I use to conceal blemishes and redness then a good mix of the two to cover the dark circles under my eyes. And guess what, it actually works. Buffing it in with a dense brush gives a flawless finish but once again, the damp sponge technique gives you that seamless finish and who wouldn't want that, best of both the concealer worlds.

However, it is quite understandable that this routine may be not be ideal for everyday use especially when you're in a hurry or you couldn't be bothered to blend the heck out of the cream foundation and concealer because it will take a while to blend and buff especially when you've always been a liquid foundation kind. Although once you get used to it, you'll be surprised how you'd be done in a jiffy and believe me when I say, the end result is worth it. I reserve this base routine for days when I will be out the whole day or the whole night because even if it takes a while to get done, once it's blended out, it stays there for good and the powder finish kind of locks it in to your skin - wouldn't budge, crease, cake but I find it slightly drying but nothing a good primer or moisturiser can't fix. I'd say all that's always worth all the bother, you reckon?

March 16, 2015

Current Changes And Then Some.

On TGTC. I tried - really, really, really tried to post daily, as I thought if I commit myself on to something, I'd feel strongly about in actually doing it but I have never really done it consistently and I personally feel bad every time I look bad and see for myself that I haven't done it. So one day I had a major sit down with my journal and myself and came out with a new schedule. There will be new blog posts at 9 o'clock in the morning on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays. And if ever I do find myself filming a video soon, which I hope I can be capable of later in the year, my Tuesdays and Thursdays will be reserved for those. Now let's not get ahead of things, look at what it has done to me so far. So until then, see you 'round here on M, W, F and Su. Aye? I've attached the Bloglovin link on here too so you can easily follow and track my posts once they're up.

On Twitter. Aside from my daily blurbs and occasional fangirling, I post reminders of what to expect on the posts in here. Also, if you have questions and suggestions or you just want to say hi, I think this is the easiest and fastest way to communicate. So drop me a tweet, anytime. See you in my notifications soon?

On Facebook. Snaps and whatnots of the upcoming posts are posted here. I'm thinking of other things to post on this side of the world wide web just so you can have a new taste of TGTC every platform. Suggestions? Comments? Recommendations? I'd love to hear them so kindly send them my way.

On Instagram. In here you will find my very biased take and inclination to the Crema filter. No kidding, see for yourself. Pretty things and sometimes beautiful words as captions are posted in here so if you're more of an Insta Gal who loves double tappin' the image to share the love, then I'd be more than glad to see you 'round this part of the web - all heart (and bubble sign and Crema filter, too). See what I did there?

If you've been 'round here long enough to know I may or may not stick to my promises once again, then thank you so much for stickin' around. It means the world to me. If you're new here and you probably don't know what I'm referring to, then welcome! A clean slate is always a good idea. So now that the current changes are out of the way, are we now all in for the a brand new ride? And then some.

March 15, 2015

A Lipstick Girl's Guide To Lipcare

You don't even have to ask, don't you? Given I am such a lipstick girl for my own good, I thought I'd share with you what goes on behind the lipstick - what prep do I do, what products do I use for what and all that jazz. I don't have much in my history as I used to stick with the homemade recipe for the lips I've learned from my cosmetology class in high school but recently, I do have a few to get things rollin' in here...

The exfoliator. Until Artisty Lip Polish landed on my hands, I was used to the good ole olive oil + brown sugar trick. This works technically the same but with a much more ideal packaging and practical applicator. Lather it onto your lips, give it a good rub using your fingertips to rid off dry skin and whatnot then give a good swipe of cloth or face towel.

The conditioner. It may seem a bit odd to refer a lip conditioner as such but this extra step is the one I have been committed to since university days, I remember using The Body Shop Born Lippy religiously. This is where Nivea Fruity Shine Lip Balm in Strawberry comes in. I don't use it as regularly as I am supposed to but it comes in handy especially when mine occasionally feels and looks chappy and cracky.

The protector. Believe me when I say this will really protect and defend your lips from everything - dryness, cold, heat, wind and sun. It has a 30+ sunscreen protection and is water-resistant for up to 80 minutes. It's the Blistex Lip Protection/Sunscreen Lip Balm and it feels luxurious on the lips, almost buttery but not greasy, smells and tastes so good too. 

The comforter. Nothing says comfort like the scent of fresh mint that soothes both the surface and the senses. The Maybelline Baby Lips in Relieving Menthol basically does what it says on the tube - it relieves and hydrates your lips and leaves on a clear stain on the lips. I usually reach for this at night, when I can use a bit of help both to relieve my mind and my lips, the menthol scent really just helps in cooling things off.

If you're much of a lipstick girl like me, I think we share the feeling of wanting to have a healthy-looking, supple and soft lips by default so that by the time we swipe our lipstick on, it's lipstick ready. Thy lips that are lipstick ready are thy lips that easily smiles. Dry, cracky and chapped skin, be gone. 

March 13, 2015

What My Lips Wore To The 1975 Concert

Everything from that night was a blur, from my photos (as you can probably see) to my memories, or at least they were until the night or the month after, I can't really tell. But there's this one thing I remember so well, it's the lips I chose to wear on the night I'd be seeing my Manchester Boies perform in an arena for the first time ever. I already said in a post before how I seem to always prioritize things, particularly what my lips will be wearing when it comes to big events and of course, this night's no exception.

Since when did a lip product become a concert essential? Who knows when and why, I just know I had to keep a lip product with me that's going to last me from my preconcert drinks session to my endless live singing to post concert chats on stairs right after the concert and some more drinking session. And I am happy to report that Nivea Extreme Resist Glossy in Cheery Pink has conquered all that, kind of impressed! It's also a huge help that it's convenient - easy to apply and carry around plus you wouldn't need to retouch at all! It comes in a double capped ended tube, the other one's the lip tint, the other end's the gloss. Now this takes the lip 'n lock business sinceriously. You have to apply the tint first, which is paint like in consistency and have a slight scent to it then you have to wait for at least 2 minutes before topping it off with the gloss and voila, once it's there, it's no going anywhere! It feels rather weird to have a very sticky tint on your lips but once you top it off with the gloss, it's no bother anymore. It looks frosted rather than glossy but I like that better, it doesn't give you the botchy feeling of having a gloss that sticks and feels rather heavy and plump. It just locks the colour in place and add a bit, if not a little too much, sparkle on your lips. It reminds me of the new Rimmel Provocalips but I haven't got my hands on those yet so I guess it's the trend now? I can see why though, anything that makes the application easier and the color to last longer, I'm all up for it! And oh how appropriate, I am indeed once cheery fangirl with pink lips that night!

March 11, 2015

I Like Mine Naked and Nude, Please.

I think when it comes to making things look like the way they are but better, like your face and lips perhaps, Revlon has got it down. The Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation has been my favorite one to grab when I don't feel like wearing a heavy base but still wants a decent coverage. This literally feels like your face is nearly naked of foundation when in fact, you've got a layer on. I picked out the shade Natural Beige and it fits my morena skin perfectly. It can give a light to medium coverage but I rarely go medium on this, one layer is always enough for me. It's best to use your fingers on applying as well because I find that it kind of pushes the product more on to your skin and blends well with the help of the warmth your fingers give off.

Now onto the nude lip which I can proudly claim that this is indeed a MLBB for me, my lips but better shade. Going nude can go wrong in so many ways, I have had my fair share of wash out lips moments when I insisted on using a pale nude lipstick instead of a rosy nude ones. I find that Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in Rosy Nude is the exception, if not the one I have secretly been looking for. It appears brownish on the tube rather than rosy but when applied on the lips, you can see the hint of rose in it, more like an old rose actually but a bit darker. The formula is very moisturising that it actually glides on the lips but in no way sheen nor shiny so you can get away with two swipes and still look as natural as it can ever be. However, it follows that this may require a few touch ups than necessary as compared to the matte ones but nothing an old trick using a powder and a tissue can't fix. If there's one everyday lip I'd gladly recommend to anyone, this will be it. In fact, that is why for my everyday make up menu, I very much like mine in Nearly Naked and Rosy Nude most of the time. Please and thank you.

March 02, 2015

How I Wore My Han Solo Shirt

It may seem rather timely to talk about #TheShirt after the good old internet went crazy over #TheDress just a few days ago. Trust me to find the most random thing during a trip to the Menswear section.. and actually end up buying it. I'm sure the legit Star Wars fan will have a more detailed description of Han Solo but according to my research, "How cool is Han Solo? He is the only non-Jedi in the series to spark up a lightsaber and it doesn't look out of place in his hands. Now that's cool." Their words, not mine.

If I am being honest, my reference to Han Solo is totally non-Star Wars related, not at all. That wouldn't stop me from buying this shirt though. How the print turned out and the design altogether is right up my street, I just know I have to have it. It's from a random tshirt line inside the Robinson's Department Store and like I said, from the Menswear. I picked out a Medium because I figured it's just the right fit, slightly baggy but silhouette hugging as well. And then of course, almost immediately, I'd find a way to wear it. I paired it with my knitted pencil skirt with a subtle side slit from Mango, twisted the waist a bit so the slit will fall across the knee rather than the sides and slid into my gray pumps from Forever21 to balance out the casual menswear feel of it and give a feminine side to the whole look. I haven't tried any look other than all black everything the past months, as you can probably tell from my previous style posts so I was a bit excited to share this one because I really liked how it all turned out in the end. I think my hair's to do with it, short hair makes me feel braver of some sort. So, from a scale of 1 to Han Solo, how cool are you?
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