February 16, 2015

The Taylor Swift Look That I Like.

When it comes to my home girl Taylor Swift, what is there not to love really. Aside from her songs and words which most of the time might as well have been mine, her outfits and make up looks are always on point. Personally, I have a love-hate relationship with this girl as I've shared here but as far as her make up looks' concerned, I currently have two favorites in my book. The one where it features the TSwift classics, black eye flick. bold red lip and the soft curls which is what she was wearing in her recent Billboard magazine spread.

You mostly have the key ingredients for this make up look hanging around in your stash - a classic red lipstick shade and your cult black eyeliner. For me it's the Avon Ultra Matte in Merlot which is what I can consider a classic red that can go with anything and flatter any skin tone for that matter and the Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Liner in 01 Black respectively. I wanted a matte look overall so I used a cream to powder foundation and just focus on the contour, skipping the blush entirely. The one twist I particularly liked from this rather classic look is the way you'd line only halfway through the lower lash line. This just adds more definition and will make your eyes look a bit larger than the usual and it just looks good, doesn't it? And to give that subtle plump on the lips, pick up any highlighter, use your ring finger to dab a little on the middle section of your lips. If anybody dare ask why, well... Taylor Swift made me do it.

February 02, 2015

What's In My Bag: The Concert Edition

I never quite wrapped my head around the whole What's In My Bag? post because you can mostly find the most mundane things in mine - like my security blanket of a book and loads of blotted tissues but I thought mine had an interesting turn when I managed to squeeze in everything I need for a concert night out into a small sling bag and everybody knows I like my bags big and roomy. I picked out this pouch sling bag from CMG and convinced myself this is to only way to go when you're going to be squeezed in the mosh pit of a pop band on tour. It is lightweight, secured with a zip and the sling is long enough to strap around your body. So... how did I manage? Let us count thy ways.

For security purposes. Knowing well and good how much of a commuter I am and that MOA Arena is a very far away place from where I live, I needed two: the tear gas and the money allowance for fare and whatnot. 

For memory-making purposes. I said to myself I won't be the girl who'd watch the concert thru my camera lenses except during this song my friend requested me to film for her and the one song I would like to keep for myself for future use, ha. I've got the Samsung SIII which served me well and another Samsung P & S Camera which I ended up not using at all.

For vanity purposes. What's a makeup artist bag without any make up in it? Yes even in concerts! I just had to bring my lippie of choice, Nivea Extreme Resist Glossy in Cherry Pink and a mirror, that's all I will ever need, for the night out at least.

For access purposes. Of course I'd need access to my own home hence the house keys and then the access to the venue which is the ticket - a ridiculously priced one at that but who's complaining! It definitely lived up to my not going is not an option expectations. 

For emergency purposes. And when I say emergency, I mean hunger pangs and you need something to eat within your reach so I packed a couple or more of the Coles Chocolate Chip Cookies, which is not in the photo because I did get hungry and had to eat them, ooops!
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