January 06, 2015

The Appropriate NYE Lips

I think by now you have probably figured out that I tend to plan out what my lips will be wearing on certain days - my birthday, on Christmas day so it wouldn't be a surprised to know that I've New Year's Eve covered too. 

This is the Avon Ultra Lip Crayon in Reddy For Me. Yet another lip crayon chubby stick-esque product you may say, but this one does it all - lipliner, lipstick, lipgloss in one. And it comes with a bonus, when it finally transfers on your lips, it pops a bright red color with a lot of glitter to go with it. Sparkly new year lips innit! I've used it on its own and reached a second coat to get a more consistent color and coverage that I prefer but since the formula is sheen, you can also use it as a lipgloss on top of your already red lips. The application is as easy as drawing can get, just like with any lip crayon, because the strokes will be so familiar you wouldn't find it hard at all. First, outline the lips using the tip of the crayon and then line the rest of your lips by swiping the entire nib sideways. It lasted pretty much all night on me, with lots of glittery leftover on my lips (they're the last ones to get rid off) even after all the eating and drinking. 

If only for its name, picking out my NYE lips was a no brainer for me. It's like if someone actually read my lips on that eve, they would've heard me saying 2015, be reddy for me. Be very ready. Let's do this!

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