January 02, 2015

My 2014 Non-Beauty Favourites.

I survived 2014!!! Started the year with a shattering, painful loss. Happened to finally let go of an illusion I've been holding on to for so long in February. Attended a "Not Going Is Not An Option Concert" in March. Spent an entire month of togetherness as a whole family in April. Climbed my first mountain in May. Another climb in June, one for reals and one of the spiritual kind. Quit my day job in July. Learned a new hobby and starred in a short film in August. Turned 28 in September. Caught an illness in October. Survived from it in November. And eventually ended up with a better, stronger and happier heart in December. Ah, the literal joys of being Joys in this lifetime. Now onto my round up that doesn't include my fave lipstick shade for once...

Getting my smile back. You have no idea how I missed my face and please know that I am not being vain when I say that. Let's just day that now, I'm hyperaware of the fact that everything that can be taken from you in a blink of an eye - your talent, your brain, your money, your smile. But you cannot let any of it define you. Because just as you have always been responsible for your happiness, you are twice responsible for your unhappiness. OH, THE JOYS. (Pun intended.)

THE 1975. Meeting my Manchester Boies in flesh early in the year in all of their British accent glory and then finding out later on that I will be seeing them again in 2o15. Pretty much my "Not Going Is Not An Option" two years in a row. See you and your pretty face in a few days, Matthew Timothy. First row, middle, upfront.

The unexpected novel that changed my life. Or at least how I look at it. "What if I like watching television? What if I don't want to do much else than read a book? What if I'm tired when I get home? What if I don't want to fill my life with frenetic activity?" Lou, Me Before You. Whenever I feel like giving up or when I am suddenly down with disappointments, I go back to this book to remind myself and declare once again that I want so much more from and for my life. If you're looking for a book to jumpstart your 2o15 - get this!

Mt. Pulag Summit Selfie. Because you never forget your first. And everything that comes in between. The sweat, tears, laughs and all of the above. This climb and the person I became after will always be my favorite part of 2o14. It was well worth it. Life is too dang short - climb that mountain! It was a good one, 2o14. Nice to meet you, goodbye. Hello there 2015, I'm all yours for the taking. Aaaand that's a wrap! 

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