January 19, 2015

The Wedding Weekend That Was.

Remember when I told you there will be loads of weddings happening in my life this year? I was on to the third over the weekend and you know me, I fancy dressing up for weddings and last weekend was no exception. I particularly liked how my make up turned out and how my wool coat actually came in handy when I attended a destination wedding up north so I thought I'd take you along with me.

Unlike the first two, this will take place on location, late in the afternoon with the reception happening at night so I needed a foundation that wouldn't budge and put a white cast on my face when photographed, ah well priorities. I used the dreamy cake duo of Collection Ultimate Fix Compact and Essence Match 2 Cover Cream Concealer and I must say, it lasted all day without the need to retouch! I thought since it's nighttime, I could get a way with a subtle smoke eye so that's what I did. I used a new smokey palette which I will make a separate post on but mainly picked out a light pink and a dark purple color to blend together. To compliment the purple eye palette, I picked out the Maybelline Plum Perfect lipstick which adds the right amount of pop, just enough to brighten up your whole face. Throw in the basics of a filled in brow, a proper contour, a dab of blush on and a load of mascara and liner application then your wedding weekend face is good to go.

With the January breeze still very much just around the corner, it can get pretty chilly at night especially since the venue is up north, in a farm, surrounded by trees and has the mountains as its neighbors. Good thing I bring about a coat to get me through the night because it was freezing cold out there. This one is from good ole Zara Woman and trust me when I say it's warm all over. If you're headed anywhere anytime during January nights, never leave the house without a proper coat on, you are warned.

And oh, who wouldn't love waking up to a glorious view like that from the balcony? Aaahh... I love weddings alone, but destination weddings that can double up as a weekend getaway right smack in the middle of your rather busy schedule after the holidays has got to be my favorite kind at the moment, obvs.

January 12, 2015

The Style Hack I Swear By.

Isn't it obvious yet? If there's one style hack I've adopted and slowly transitioned into, it has to be Black. White. Grey. Nude. Repeat. I saw this on Instagram, so I can't really trace the source but this is how I'm easily dressed these days. I think I've personally reached a point in my life style-wise where I've stopped experimenting with random clothes and always end up switching a few wardrobe staples every season. I'd like to believe maybe I've already found my niche but it can also be because I have little amount left for clothes when it's all been spent on make up things. True story.

A plain white shirt, in any way you want it. I find the v-neck ones more flattering for slightly casual vibes but I am not going to say no to a loose fitting round neck tee either which is basically just me saying any shirt will do as long it's plain white.

A flattering pair of skin tight jeans, in black. The hardest thing to do is to actually find a pair that fits you perfectly because it is almost impossible to do so if you haven't found yours, don't give up just yet. I swear, it will be worth it - the time, the effort to check in and out of the fitting room and the looks of the sales person assisting you.

A season appropriate accessory. There's a lot to choose from - a coat, a scarf, a hat, a pair of new boots or get it on with the bold accents like a chunky necklace or a statement wrist watch. I obviously went for a hat this time because I'm clinging on to this what I call the closest-to-a-winter-weather-we-can-get as much as I possibly can. 

A signature lip color. As much I go down with the whites and blacks and monochromes, I make up for it by getting all of the colors on my lips - the bolder the better. This is where the pink, red and orange comes in. I feel like it gives the right amount of ooomph and a refreshing pop of color to my rather plain ensemble. But if you know me well enough you'd know I'd gladly wear black lips too. Black is a bold color, non? Exactly my point.

And that's how I breathe this hack into life. Trust me when I say it has made everything - from shopping to styling to the actual dressing up so much easier than having one too many options and colors for that matter. Black. White. Grey. Nude. Repeat. 

January 08, 2015

The New In's For The New Year.

I didn't include make up in any of my wish lists this year, even in my imaginary ones. There's a desktop globe display stand, a ridiculously priced concert ticket and a chic looking laundry bin in there but no trace of make up can be seen. I know. Shocking times. I figured people wouldn't consider giving me any because make up is something I'd willingly pick up for myself in a heartbeat anyway. But I still ended up with a few additions to my stash, and when I say few I mean three, so here we go...

Covergirl Lashblast 24HR Mascara. Not that I need another mascara, let alone one that will last for 24 hours but I'm excited to see how this will blast up the volume and hold the curl of my non-existent lashes which have a tendency to disappear completely because of my hooded eyes. I got it in Very Black which is weird but the other color is just Black, kind of figures.

Avon Ultra Lip Crayon. Unlike the rest, I didn't go crazy with the chubby sticks trend and I only have one prior to this Reddy For Me from Avon, which is from Happy Skin. I've already worn it for the New Years and posted about it here so if you want to see more of my thoughts on it, go have a lookie!

Collection Ultimate Fix Foundation Concealer Powder 3-in-1 Compact. What a massive claim, it does all three! This is the one that excites me the most! I have been really looking for a more affordable version of Inglot YSM Cream Foundation and Cream Powder and I really think this is a good contender and an absolute bargain at that. I picked up Honey 02, the medium shade so I shall report back with deeper thoughts and details soon. Fingers crossed it will live up to my expectations!

January 06, 2015

The Appropriate NYE Lips

I think by now you have probably figured out that I tend to plan out what my lips will be wearing on certain days - my birthday, on Christmas day so it wouldn't be a surprised to know that I've New Year's Eve covered too. 

This is the Avon Ultra Lip Crayon in Reddy For Me. Yet another lip crayon chubby stick-esque product you may say, but this one does it all - lipliner, lipstick, lipgloss in one. And it comes with a bonus, when it finally transfers on your lips, it pops a bright red color with a lot of glitter to go with it. Sparkly new year lips innit! I've used it on its own and reached a second coat to get a more consistent color and coverage that I prefer but since the formula is sheen, you can also use it as a lipgloss on top of your already red lips. The application is as easy as drawing can get, just like with any lip crayon, because the strokes will be so familiar you wouldn't find it hard at all. First, outline the lips using the tip of the crayon and then line the rest of your lips by swiping the entire nib sideways. It lasted pretty much all night on me, with lots of glittery leftover on my lips (they're the last ones to get rid off) even after all the eating and drinking. 

If only for its name, picking out my NYE lips was a no brainer for me. It's like if someone actually read my lips on that eve, they would've heard me saying 2015, be reddy for me. Be very ready. Let's do this!

January 05, 2015

TGTC: A Wedding Guest Get Ready With Me

I'm calling it early, Twenty Fifteen will be a year full of weddings for my friends and I. Only it will be their weddings, not mine. I will be a wedding guest to most of them happening this year and this is the first on the list so I thought why not kickstart the year with a Get Ready With Me post while at it?

The Make Up. The wedding will take place at daytime from a church to a garden wedding reception so I wanted to look as fresh and as au naturale as possible. I picked up my last month's favorite, Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation, which is basically like a thin, flawless layer of skin and flushed my cheeks with a mix of peach and pink blush on for that fresh with a punch look. I played with my Inglot Eyeshadow Freedom Palette and picked out the everyday make up look I mentioned here but instead of using Matte 326 on the outer V of my lids, I lined my upper and lower lashline with it for definition. To further pop open the eyes, I loaded my lashes with multiple coats of Maybelline The Falsies and just go with my usual eyebrow routine. Lastly, for my lips but better it's almost ala Kylie Jenner, I have fallen in love with Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in Rosy Nude

The Hair. I worked with a second day hair which I let dry naturally so the volume I prefer is already there. After brushing through, I used a pump of hair oil on the tips of the sectioned hair upfront since it's the only part of my hair I will be curling. This is just to frame my face and soften it up a bit by creating loose curls on the sides and then pinning them down with bobby pins as careless as possible.

The Outfit. I'm finally wearing colour, hear ye hear ye! This patterned dress hangs loosely on the body without losing the curves and falls appropriately right just above the knee. I figured since it's going to be a garden reception, it's more practical to wear wedge than pointy heels. It gives you the height, shape your legs but lesser pain in the arse to tolerate, if not totally comfortable to walk around. Kept it in the minimal side of things by throwing in dainty accessories and just a statement heavily beaded clutch. Finish it off with lots of happy thoughts and kilig feelings, off to the wedding we go!

January 02, 2015

My 2014 Non-Beauty Favourites.

I survived 2014!!! Started the year with a shattering, painful loss. Happened to finally let go of an illusion I've been holding on to for so long in February. Attended a "Not Going Is Not An Option Concert" in March. Spent an entire month of togetherness as a whole family in April. Climbed my first mountain in May. Another climb in June, one for reals and one of the spiritual kind. Quit my day job in July. Learned a new hobby and starred in a short film in August. Turned 28 in September. Caught an illness in October. Survived from it in November. And eventually ended up with a better, stronger and happier heart in December. Ah, the literal joys of being Joys in this lifetime. Now onto my round up that doesn't include my fave lipstick shade for once...

Getting my smile back. You have no idea how I missed my face and please know that I am not being vain when I say that. Let's just day that now, I'm hyperaware of the fact that everything that can be taken from you in a blink of an eye - your talent, your brain, your money, your smile. But you cannot let any of it define you. Because just as you have always been responsible for your happiness, you are twice responsible for your unhappiness. OH, THE JOYS. (Pun intended.)

THE 1975. Meeting my Manchester Boies in flesh early in the year in all of their British accent glory and then finding out later on that I will be seeing them again in 2o15. Pretty much my "Not Going Is Not An Option" two years in a row. See you and your pretty face in a few days, Matthew Timothy. First row, middle, upfront.

The unexpected novel that changed my life. Or at least how I look at it. "What if I like watching television? What if I don't want to do much else than read a book? What if I'm tired when I get home? What if I don't want to fill my life with frenetic activity?" Lou, Me Before You. Whenever I feel like giving up or when I am suddenly down with disappointments, I go back to this book to remind myself and declare once again that I want so much more from and for my life. If you're looking for a book to jumpstart your 2o15 - get this!

Mt. Pulag Summit Selfie. Because you never forget your first. And everything that comes in between. The sweat, tears, laughs and all of the above. This climb and the person I became after will always be my favorite part of 2o14. It was well worth it. Life is too dang short - climb that mountain! It was a good one, 2o14. Nice to meet you, goodbye. Hello there 2015, I'm all yours for the taking. Aaaand that's a wrap! 
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