December 09, 2014

When Things Get A Little Plummy...

New month, new lipstick. If this season can come in lipstick tubes, it will be composed of dark plums and deep berries. And since I personally find myself reaching out for them most during the cold months as well, it's when I realized I don't have enough plums, if not none at all. And that is why being such the girl that I am, I chose to welcome the new month of December with a new lipstick and I picked up the Maybelline Colorshow Intense Lipstick Collection in Plum Perfect.

It is an everyday kind of plum that is not off-putting and ridiculously easy to apply. The formula is subtly pigmented, the finish is between satiny to creamy and it's actually very moisturizing on the lips. I've worn it out and about in the outdoors and posted a photo of it on my Instagram if you want to see how it looks on the go. The only one thing holding me off is that it's nowhere near long lasting which is such a shame but really for Php165 each tube, you can't really complain as I think it's actually an absolute bargain for its price! You can always reapply though and with its amazing scent, you won't really mind, I know I don't. If you're looking for something to add in your personal collection especially if you are the type who wants to change up your lip color according to the season, have a look at this collection because it has an awesome range too. Plum Perfect, living up to its name, is my perfect pick for this season. 'Tis the season to be jolly and plummy after all!

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