December 24, 2014

What My Lips Will Be Wearing For Christmas

When I think of Christmas, I think all things bright and beautiful.  And nothing screams bright and beautiful more than a good ol' red lipstick. It's the time of the year when all the lipstick girls crack in their Ruby Woo's and it will always be valid. It's typically normal to be wearing a matte, bright lip in broad daylight on a daily basis for me, what more on Christmas time right? But I have yet to own the much coveted MAC shade of the season so I thought I'd throw in something similar instead. This is Avon Ultra Matte Color in Matte Merlot. A red with a cool undertone to it that it's good enough to stand on its own - as in with bare lid, minimal to none blush and just a bit of contour for definition and it will just be as festive. However since it's the holidays, I went for the kill and took it up a notch by pairing it with a classic cat eye. I figure it's Christmas, we can make bold lip and bold liner happen. With a red lip comes great responsibility since it's easier to spot you in a crowd. So why not make the most of the situation by wearing a smile to go along with it! Giving lots of laughs has never been more appropriate. And wearing a classic red lip whilst on it? Nothing's ever been more bright and/or beautiful. It's almost time. Have yourself a very merry and reddy little Christmas!

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