December 01, 2014

The Weekend Getaway Outfit.

December isn't just around the corner, it's right outside our doorstep, with its breeze the first to greet us "Good Morning" as soon as we woke up. Which can only mean one thing, sweater weather is here -or at least that's what we were used to, let alone hope for. The warm fuzzies stored in the insides of our closet can now come up to play. Which is why this GAP wool pullover is the perfect companion to a quick getaway to some place colder with my girlfriends over the weekend. I also think since it's finally colder, it's rather more acceptable to wear none to minimal color these days to compliment the weather, which ironically is what I have been telling myself all year long, not just the coming month, because I haven't been really wearing colour anyway.

Two things I love about this wool number? One, the neckline is a cute little detail which helped in emphasizing my lone accessory which is this dainty gold necklace I have been really loving at the moment. It is subtle as much as it adds a little sum'n sum'n and it is also something borrowed from my littler sister. Two, just look at how it hangs perfectly on my shoulders and stretches midway thru my hands that I can just literally pull them over and voila, temporary mittens. Throw in some basics in black and white and The NBHD's Sweater Weather in the background and you've got everything covered - quite literally too - for the cold.

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