December 21, 2014

TGTC: A Christmas Party Get Ready With Me

Welcome to my very first Get Ready With Me post. I have all of the jitters. Maybe because it's the one type of post, in a blog or a video, that I really enjoy reading/watching. Having your take on something like that kind of make you feel a bit excited and nervous because the pressure is actually within you. But, it's here and I've picked the most wonderful time of the year for it.

The Make Up. Since it's happening at night time, I've decided to go for a bold and beyond lip with a subtle smokey eye look. I used my trusted L'Oreal Le Teint True Match Foundation for the base and the Naked Flushed Palette in Strip for that flushed, glowy cheeks effect. I picked up the Bourjois Paris Smokey Eyeshadow Trio and Twist Up The Volume Mascara to get the subtle smokey eye and dramatic lashes going for me. And of course, there can only be one bold and beyond lip for me, the one that won't budge even after eating and drinking and will keep me away from thinking about my lipstick while I eat the night away, the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in Pink Pong.

The Hair. To compliment the subtle smokey eye, I went for the romantic soft curls. If I had the second day hair, I would've skipped the blow drying part as I prefer letting it dry on its own. Using a heated curling rod, I pick and twist up the ends with a curl, hold it there for 5 seconds then let it loose. Prior to any of the heating process, I quickly applied a bit of the L'Oreal Mythic Oil to the tips and then massaged whatever that is left on my fingers to the rest of my hair.

The Outfit. I swear, I would wear colors again one day but surprise, surprise I wore black to the party. Soz. With the subtle smokey eyes and soft romantic curls, I thought I'd kick it off with a classic LBD too. The length is perfect for a party wherein a little dancing can go down later into the night as it cuts right above the knee. The flowy material is very twirl friendly, if I do say so myself. Swish, swish. Paired gray pumps from, a sparkly little flap bag and lots of cheery Christmas spirit in my pocket, off to the party I go... Hohoho!

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