December 22, 2014

TGTC Blogmas Week #3

Chapter 12 of 12, how did we get here? And to somehow celebrate and wrap up this last chapter we're all having, I came up with what hopefully could be a TGTC tradition from here on - Blogmas Week #3! (Here's Blogmas Week #1 & Blogmas Week #2) A compilation of my little December things that I started posting out on 
  and then I thought why not round it up here at the end of each week till Christmas day! So how about we start counting down the days together now? On the fifteenth day of Christmas...

15/25. Crack open your purchases from the crazy sale on going out there - best time to get your make up fix, if I do say so myself. And so far, I'm playing favourites with these three. Heart eye emojis please.

16/25. End up with an accidental nail art because if I'm not painting faces, I'm painting walls and whatnots.

17/25. Fall in love, again. With a scruffie boie in a tie. This is Seth by the way, the newest member of the family.

18/25Eat chocolates for breakfast because why not. It's almost Christmas after all. 

19/25Celebrate the original adorkable nerd, The O.C. Seth Cohen's Christmukkah with his namesake's unique way of remembering. Don't worry guys, his neck's fine. That is just how he rolls, literally.

20/25. Get yourself ready for a non-existent Christmas party. Can we just pretend I actually have a Christmas Party to go to tonight? This is how I get a blog post done, I literally have to be in the zone.

21/25. Your wish is your command because you can only get what you wish AND work hard for. I've always wanted to have white walls because London flat state of mind, don't ask. But I knew I won't get it by just making a wish so I finally woman up and got some actual work done. True in white walls, true in life. Say hello to my new favorite backdrop!

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