December 19, 2014

TGTC Blogmas Week #2

Chapter 12 of 12, how did we get here? And to somehow celebrate and wrap up this last chapter we're all having, I came up with what hopefully could be a TGTC tradition from here on - Blogmas Week #2! (You can find Blogmas Week #1 here!) A compilation of my little December things that I started posting out on 
 and then I thought why not round it up here at the end of each week till Christmas day! So how about we start counting down the days together now? On the eighth day of Christmas...

8/25. Embrace the end of the season that was. Fall be gone, winter is coming. Brrr. It's getting cold in here...

9/25. Put on a Christmas Party Make Up Look with full on glitters and highlights and upper lip stains, ooopsies.

10/25. Meet up with your oldest friends in the planet over coffee and then some because that's what holidays are all about. People always leave, that's what Peyton said, but the real ones who don't are the onesw you keep closer and the ones you will miss an episode of Forevermore for. HA!

11/25Recycle happy memories. Of those times you actually did chase fireworks for a living and never missed a Paskuhan festivity even if it means having to watch the fireworks display from afar because you were stuck in traffic and you can't make it on time. This year though, you just can't make it. Just can't.

12/25. Do a Round 2 of meet up with your oldest friends in the planet over lunch and coffee because, two things: just over lunch isn't enough, we talked for 6 solid hours; and there is nothing quite like it - feels like home always. 

13/25. Make a big deal out of the whole 12.13.14 thing and immortalize the day with a selfie, duh.

14/25. Spend an entire afternoon in your church singing one of the oldest holiday cheers and carols, "Pinakadakilang Handog", in preparation for Christmas Day with the people you've known since your 1+1 days. Oh Sundays...

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