December 08, 2014

TGTC Blogmas Week #1

Chapter 12 of 12, how did we get here? And to somehow celebrate and wrap up this last chapter we're all having, I came up with what hopefully could be a TGTC tradition from here on - Blogmas Week #1! I was thinking what could I possibly come up with that somehow follows the whole concept of vlogmas but in type form (hence the term blogmas) just to inject some festive feels and happy things 'round here. A compilation of my little December things that I started posting out on Facebook and then I thought why not round it up here at the end of each week till Christmas day! So how about we start counting down the days together now? On the first day of Christmas...

1/25. Eat Christmas cupcakes. It's well worth all the calories and it doesn't hurt that it basically looks like Christmas all over too!

2/25. Have a dreamy breakfast of your favorite cheesecake with a cuppa Joe on the side because nothing sets the mood like a good ole breakfast, how much more if it's the sweet kind?

3/25. Take a selfie with a sixfooterish ishkruffie* who's effortlessly thrown your way. (*sixfooterish ishkruffie, n. a TGTC slang that means a guy past 6' tall with facial hair or stubble.)

4/25. Start choosing which is which will be your Christmas lips. You know, priorities.

5/25Put up fairy lights to bring about some, if not lots of festive feels. 

6/25. Munch on Christmas doughnuts. I kindly object though, should be 'joys go around' for a very obvious reason.

7/25. Fall in love. With a puppy who'd got the bluest of blue eyes and who'd eventually be the newest member of the family. Wee!

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