December 29, 2014

The *Insert Any Occasion Here* Salad

I whipped this one out for the family last Christmas, it is originally called Green Bean & Grape Salad by Nouvelle Daily, the same online magazine site I got the original recipe from. Of course I made a few little twists here and there by adding a few more greens in the mix, skipping the chia seeds and cheating a little bit by topping it all off with bacon crisps. It's the holidays after all, we can get away with a little cheating on the otherwise healthy-ish salad, ha. The addition of grapes to the mix made the difference for me, it's sweetness mixed with the saltiness of bacon makes the perfect contrast for a very tasteful mix. Also, instead of having the usual salad dips and dressing, this came with a drizzle of olive oil and balsamic vinegar and when tossed to perfection just gives you the yummiest salad that can be used in any occasion for the family or friends coming over. And did I say it was the easiest to whip up? Well, trust me, it actually is. Because if I can make, just about anybody else can. And with the New Years' just around corner, this can be part of your NYE menu too, let me know if you do!

December 26, 2014


It's Christmas Time! Here's to hoping you lovely lot had a meaningful and merry little Christmas with your dearest and your closest. I am sending all my laughs and love your way in the hope it will be enough to say thank you for the love you have been showing me and my little space here in the internet. May the rest of your holidays be warm and fuzzy all over. And may the remaining days of your 2014 be as merry and bright! The meantime, regular TGTC programming will resume tomorrow. I'll see you then!

December 24, 2014

What My Lips Will Be Wearing For Christmas

When I think of Christmas, I think all things bright and beautiful.  And nothing screams bright and beautiful more than a good ol' red lipstick. It's the time of the year when all the lipstick girls crack in their Ruby Woo's and it will always be valid. It's typically normal to be wearing a matte, bright lip in broad daylight on a daily basis for me, what more on Christmas time right? But I have yet to own the much coveted MAC shade of the season so I thought I'd throw in something similar instead. This is Avon Ultra Matte Color in Matte Merlot. A red with a cool undertone to it that it's good enough to stand on its own - as in with bare lid, minimal to none blush and just a bit of contour for definition and it will just be as festive. However since it's the holidays, I went for the kill and took it up a notch by pairing it with a classic cat eye. I figure it's Christmas, we can make bold lip and bold liner happen. With a red lip comes great responsibility since it's easier to spot you in a crowd. So why not make the most of the situation by wearing a smile to go along with it! Giving lots of laughs has never been more appropriate. And wearing a classic red lip whilst on it? Nothing's ever been more bright and/or beautiful. It's almost time. Have yourself a very merry and reddy little Christmas!

December 23, 2014

The Festive Nails That Glitters.

If you can't wear all of the glitters on Christmas, when can you? So I'm bringing them all in this season - on my tips, in my lids, name it, I've put glitters on it. I figured it's one way to instafestive the mood of your look. This Collection Work The Colour in Bare Nude is the nail polish that I've raved about in my Blogmas post and in my Instagram as well. It lasted for 10 days before it started chipping even with heavy household chores thrown in the way! Totally unexpected as I've bought it just for kicks but then it ended up blowing my mind. The formula of this is actually very solid that you can get an opaque finish in one coat and guaranteed to dry quickly too. Now you can have the add on glitters your way but I personally used a sheer polish with added holographic flakes on it to get the finish of an iridescent sparkle effect. I know you're probably thinking why go nude on Christmas when everybody's wearing the reds and the dark plums? But I actually love how this whole nude, flakey and sparkly tips have come together for a festive nail that glitters. Christmas Day and NYE nails, sorted.

December 22, 2014

TGTC Blogmas Week #3

Chapter 12 of 12, how did we get here? And to somehow celebrate and wrap up this last chapter we're all having, I came up with what hopefully could be a TGTC tradition from here on - Blogmas Week #3! (Here's Blogmas Week #1 & Blogmas Week #2) A compilation of my little December things that I started posting out on 
  and then I thought why not round it up here at the end of each week till Christmas day! So how about we start counting down the days together now? On the fifteenth day of Christmas...

15/25. Crack open your purchases from the crazy sale on going out there - best time to get your make up fix, if I do say so myself. And so far, I'm playing favourites with these three. Heart eye emojis please.

16/25. End up with an accidental nail art because if I'm not painting faces, I'm painting walls and whatnots.

17/25. Fall in love, again. With a scruffie boie in a tie. This is Seth by the way, the newest member of the family.

18/25Eat chocolates for breakfast because why not. It's almost Christmas after all. 

19/25Celebrate the original adorkable nerd, The O.C. Seth Cohen's Christmukkah with his namesake's unique way of remembering. Don't worry guys, his neck's fine. That is just how he rolls, literally.

20/25. Get yourself ready for a non-existent Christmas party. Can we just pretend I actually have a Christmas Party to go to tonight? This is how I get a blog post done, I literally have to be in the zone.

21/25. Your wish is your command because you can only get what you wish AND work hard for. I've always wanted to have white walls because London flat state of mind, don't ask. But I knew I won't get it by just making a wish so I finally woman up and got some actual work done. True in white walls, true in life. Say hello to my new favorite backdrop!

December 21, 2014

TGTC: A Christmas Party Get Ready With Me

Welcome to my very first Get Ready With Me post. I have all of the jitters. Maybe because it's the one type of post, in a blog or a video, that I really enjoy reading/watching. Having your take on something like that kind of make you feel a bit excited and nervous because the pressure is actually within you. But, it's here and I've picked the most wonderful time of the year for it.

The Make Up. Since it's happening at night time, I've decided to go for a bold and beyond lip with a subtle smokey eye look. I used my trusted L'Oreal Le Teint True Match Foundation for the base and the Naked Flushed Palette in Strip for that flushed, glowy cheeks effect. I picked up the Bourjois Paris Smokey Eyeshadow Trio and Twist Up The Volume Mascara to get the subtle smokey eye and dramatic lashes going for me. And of course, there can only be one bold and beyond lip for me, the one that won't budge even after eating and drinking and will keep me away from thinking about my lipstick while I eat the night away, the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in Pink Pong.

The Hair. To compliment the subtle smokey eye, I went for the romantic soft curls. If I had the second day hair, I would've skipped the blow drying part as I prefer letting it dry on its own. Using a heated curling rod, I pick and twist up the ends with a curl, hold it there for 5 seconds then let it loose. Prior to any of the heating process, I quickly applied a bit of the L'Oreal Mythic Oil to the tips and then massaged whatever that is left on my fingers to the rest of my hair.

The Outfit. I swear, I would wear colors again one day but surprise, surprise I wore black to the party. Soz. With the subtle smokey eyes and soft romantic curls, I thought I'd kick it off with a classic LBD too. The length is perfect for a party wherein a little dancing can go down later into the night as it cuts right above the knee. The flowy material is very twirl friendly, if I do say so myself. Swish, swish. Paired gray pumps from, a sparkly little flap bag and lots of cheery Christmas spirit in my pocket, off to the party I go... Hohoho!

December 20, 2014

My Current 3 Minute Face.

A 3 minute face, is that even womanly possible? Well... I think I pretty much can work with this now that the colder months are here. My skin is pretty much a-ok (by my standards) during these times as there's no stress of humidity and break outs so I make the most out of the season to go almost make up free to let my skin breathe a little not just on the daily but even when I go out and about. I thought I'd give a round up of my current make up routine that takes about three minutes... fingers crossed.

I was never a fan of a heavy base so when I found out about Revlon Nearly Naked being almost like a second thin layer of flawless, dewy skin, I was rather very impressed. It's light to medium coverage, true to its nearly naked name and it surprisingly covers everything even the dark circles under my eyes that there's no need for me to use concealer at all. Now that we have about two and a half minute left for the rest of the face, I'd like to do the eyes and brows next. I used the Sansan Eyeliner Pencil in 03 which is quite easy to work with since it's waxy in consistency and very pigmented, you can get that shape and fill easily. And then apply loads and loads of Maybelline The Falsies Volum' Express Waterproof Mascara. Just look at those lashes and it almost looks like I have got a liner on, I don't! It's just multiple coats of The Falsies. And then for the finale, I pick up my lipstick of choice depending on the occasion or my mood for the day. This is Kate Moss for Rimmel in 107 which is one of my favorite reds to wear. The formula of this is very easy to apply, no need for a lip liner or lip brush and it's got a matte finish with just a hint of moisture to it so it's not drying at all. Apply it directly from the tube and then pat it on with your finger for a stained, not too full on finish and that's basically my everyday face done in 3 minutes tops. Phew, it is womanly possible after all!

December 19, 2014

TGTC Blogmas Week #2

Chapter 12 of 12, how did we get here? And to somehow celebrate and wrap up this last chapter we're all having, I came up with what hopefully could be a TGTC tradition from here on - Blogmas Week #2! (You can find Blogmas Week #1 here!) A compilation of my little December things that I started posting out on 
 and then I thought why not round it up here at the end of each week till Christmas day! So how about we start counting down the days together now? On the eighth day of Christmas...

8/25. Embrace the end of the season that was. Fall be gone, winter is coming. Brrr. It's getting cold in here...

9/25. Put on a Christmas Party Make Up Look with full on glitters and highlights and upper lip stains, ooopsies.

10/25. Meet up with your oldest friends in the planet over coffee and then some because that's what holidays are all about. People always leave, that's what Peyton said, but the real ones who don't are the onesw you keep closer and the ones you will miss an episode of Forevermore for. HA!

11/25Recycle happy memories. Of those times you actually did chase fireworks for a living and never missed a Paskuhan festivity even if it means having to watch the fireworks display from afar because you were stuck in traffic and you can't make it on time. This year though, you just can't make it. Just can't.

12/25. Do a Round 2 of meet up with your oldest friends in the planet over lunch and coffee because, two things: just over lunch isn't enough, we talked for 6 solid hours; and there is nothing quite like it - feels like home always. 

13/25. Make a big deal out of the whole 12.13.14 thing and immortalize the day with a selfie, duh.

14/25. Spend an entire afternoon in your church singing one of the oldest holiday cheers and carols, "Pinakadakilang Handog", in preparation for Christmas Day with the people you've known since your 1+1 days. Oh Sundays...

December 18, 2014

How To Get Away With Brown Lips

Chocolate lips are anything but self-serving that 9 times out of 10, people will call you out on it. My kid cousin thought I was a month too late for the Halloween when he saw me wearing them out one fine Sunday. My little brother thought I just finished eating a certain Filipino dish which brings about a dark colored lip as an aftermath. Boys, eh. However, girls especially those of us who just can't get enough lipstick tubes and shades can reach to a common understanding and logical thinking that chocolate lips are socially acceptable, at least by our standards. I've gathered a few tips on how I think a girl can get away with it...

Pick a dewy, flawless base. The main thing about this look is to keep the focus on the lips while everything else remain flawless and very minimal to none. I prefer using a dewy base with a light to medium coverage as it compliments the whole highlight and contour combination more than a matte finish. It's like hey there, I'm bringing in all the glow today.

Turn the highlights on. Just might be my favorite bit ever. The more highlights on, the better. I used a cream highlighter here which is more practical to apply on the highest points of your face and easier to blend out with your fingers after. When either the natural light or the flash of the camera catches them, it makes you look so fresh and perky with your skin glowing and all.

Warm up the cheeks. You can't do the highlights without the contours right after, they just go well together especially for this look. Skip the blush, just pick a matte bronzer of your choice. Nothing too fancy or drastic, just lightly brush it to the hollows of your cheeks, temples and chin to give that warm flush and dimension to a rather flat canvass.

Barely there eyes. You don't want a heavy face to go with a rather heavy, bold lip. You just want something to compliment it with warm eyes and cheeks to go. I picked up a cream gold eye shadow for this and swipe it all over the lids and just blend out the harsh edges with my finger. Subtly fill in your brows just to emphasize the shape and apply loads of your favorite mascara to make your eyes pop open.

Line those lips. When you go bold, you can't go back. And just to make sure there's no going back, it's better to do the lip liner trick for two things. It intensifies the color more and helps in making it last longer on your lips. And oh you know, it helps in making them look fuller, ala Kylie Jenner. And you know it girl, you want some of that too once in a while.

December 15, 2014

The Five Under Five List.

I'm telling you, it's almost impossible to leave the counters empty-handed these days, what with the mad sales going on left and right plus the idea of shopping minus that ever so familiar guilt feeling. However, it also can get a little bit overwhelming when you are actually on the counter that you suddenly feel the need to purchase everything, if not all of the items on sale when in reality you don't. So I came up with a streamlined list of what I think is worth picking up from the good ole drugstore make up isles and won't hurt your budget as well. Five things that are all under five hundred bucks, nothing more, nothing less.

Maybelline The Falsies Volum' Express Waterproof Mascara | Php 449. A girl needs a trusty, waterproof mascara in her life and this is one of the cult favorites which means it will not in any way disappoint and she will definitely love this!

Avon Eyeshadow Duet | Php 299. For the girl on the go who lives a fast-paced life but wouldn't be caught without a poppin' eye of a shadow, this Avon innovation will definitely be something she could use for her everyday look to cut the usual 5 minute look to a 3 minute one.

Maybelline Colorshow Intense Fashionable Lipcolor | Php 165. Whether she's a bold lip or a nude lip kind of girl, she'll love the idea of getting a new lipstick tube to use for the coming holidays because a girl can never ever have enough lipstick in her life, trust me. 

Collection Work The Color Nail Polish | Php 109. A new bottle of nail polish is always a welcome idea. A good one though is quite hard to find but this one from Collection is but impressive - easy to apply, good color range and claims to last for 10 days! Now girl, wouldn't you love that!

Savvy Chic Nail & Salon Spa Gifts | Php 140-450. Who doesn't love a good pamper? And on holidays? Aaaah! That is what dreams are made of! Head over to Savvy Chic for a well-deserved spa o'clock with family and friends! I've linked their Facebook page in here so you can check out their gifts as well. Hurry, the gifts will be 'round till Friday, December 19. Hohoho!

December 09, 2014

When Things Get A Little Plummy...

New month, new lipstick. If this season can come in lipstick tubes, it will be composed of dark plums and deep berries. And since I personally find myself reaching out for them most during the cold months as well, it's when I realized I don't have enough plums, if not none at all. And that is why being such the girl that I am, I chose to welcome the new month of December with a new lipstick and I picked up the Maybelline Colorshow Intense Lipstick Collection in Plum Perfect.

It is an everyday kind of plum that is not off-putting and ridiculously easy to apply. The formula is subtly pigmented, the finish is between satiny to creamy and it's actually very moisturizing on the lips. I've worn it out and about in the outdoors and posted a photo of it on my Instagram if you want to see how it looks on the go. The only one thing holding me off is that it's nowhere near long lasting which is such a shame but really for Php165 each tube, you can't really complain as I think it's actually an absolute bargain for its price! You can always reapply though and with its amazing scent, you won't really mind, I know I don't. If you're looking for something to add in your personal collection especially if you are the type who wants to change up your lip color according to the season, have a look at this collection because it has an awesome range too. Plum Perfect, living up to its name, is my perfect pick for this season. 'Tis the season to be jolly and plummy after all!

December 08, 2014

TGTC Blogmas Week #1

Chapter 12 of 12, how did we get here? And to somehow celebrate and wrap up this last chapter we're all having, I came up with what hopefully could be a TGTC tradition from here on - Blogmas Week #1! I was thinking what could I possibly come up with that somehow follows the whole concept of vlogmas but in type form (hence the term blogmas) just to inject some festive feels and happy things 'round here. A compilation of my little December things that I started posting out on Facebook and then I thought why not round it up here at the end of each week till Christmas day! So how about we start counting down the days together now? On the first day of Christmas...

1/25. Eat Christmas cupcakes. It's well worth all the calories and it doesn't hurt that it basically looks like Christmas all over too!

2/25. Have a dreamy breakfast of your favorite cheesecake with a cuppa Joe on the side because nothing sets the mood like a good ole breakfast, how much more if it's the sweet kind?

3/25. Take a selfie with a sixfooterish ishkruffie* who's effortlessly thrown your way. (*sixfooterish ishkruffie, n. a TGTC slang that means a guy past 6' tall with facial hair or stubble.)

4/25. Start choosing which is which will be your Christmas lips. You know, priorities.

5/25Put up fairy lights to bring about some, if not lots of festive feels. 

6/25. Munch on Christmas doughnuts. I kindly object though, should be 'joys go around' for a very obvious reason.

7/25. Fall in love. With a puppy who'd got the bluest of blue eyes and who'd eventually be the newest member of the family. Wee!

December 02, 2014

The Untold Story Of A Face Mask.

It was a rainy late afternoon, I had the latest episode of The Flash on and I was leisurely lounging on the couch recovering from turning our room upside down the other day when it hit me - perfect pamper time opportunity to finally peel off all the oil and excess dirt on my face. It's time to whip it off and turn my face mask on.

I have to be honest, I am not the one to grab a face mask as part of a my usual random trip to the makeup counters. It just doesn't strike me as something I would be bothered to pick up as opposed to other skincare products. So when a friend of my mine gave me one as a pasalubong from her recent Korea trip, I was more than eager to finally own one and give it a whirl the soonest time possible. This one is called The Face Shop Real Nature Mask Rice, a brightening and complexion improvement sheet containing rice extract to smoothen and brighten dull and rough skin. One thing about this face mask is that it does exactly what it is on the packaging and you can see the results almost immediately. It's surprisingly one of those that deliver instant effects as soon as you're done with it and peel the sheet off your face. It may have really been the rice extracts that helped in smoothing the skin, making it look like a poreless piece of porcelain even just for a few moments post facial mask, combined with Vitamin C which obviously helped in the brightening department. A perked up skin in 15 minutes top? I'd never say no to that especially after looking incredibly hilarious even to myself because the sheet doesn't fit my face shape at all. I had a good laugh upon seeing my reflection in the mirror which may or may not be of help because, facial exercises are vital too you know.

December 01, 2014

The Weekend Getaway Outfit.

December isn't just around the corner, it's right outside our doorstep, with its breeze the first to greet us "Good Morning" as soon as we woke up. Which can only mean one thing, sweater weather is here -or at least that's what we were used to, let alone hope for. The warm fuzzies stored in the insides of our closet can now come up to play. Which is why this GAP wool pullover is the perfect companion to a quick getaway to some place colder with my girlfriends over the weekend. I also think since it's finally colder, it's rather more acceptable to wear none to minimal color these days to compliment the weather, which ironically is what I have been telling myself all year long, not just the coming month, because I haven't been really wearing colour anyway.

Two things I love about this wool number? One, the neckline is a cute little detail which helped in emphasizing my lone accessory which is this dainty gold necklace I have been really loving at the moment. It is subtle as much as it adds a little sum'n sum'n and it is also something borrowed from my littler sister. Two, just look at how it hangs perfectly on my shoulders and stretches midway thru my hands that I can just literally pull them over and voila, temporary mittens. Throw in some basics in black and white and The NBHD's Sweater Weather in the background and you've got everything covered - quite literally too - for the cold.
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