November 06, 2014

The First Of The So-Called "Alphabet Creams".

As of blog published time, aside from the BB, CC, DD craze - there's already been a ZZ cream in the market too, so I think I may be a little late on the so-called alphabet themed creams since I've just landed on my first which is a BB Cream at that. I never really fully understand the differences in between but having been using one for daily use, I think it's time we sit down and get to the alphabet creams business.

They are conveniently called blemish balms, hence the acronym BB. Or at least that's what I believe they stand for. The main thing about BB creams and what set them apart from the standard bases is that they are both a makeup and skincare product in one - it's like their love child. That's exactly what The Body Shop All-In-One BB Cream is about, its formulation is runny and slightly grayish in color with microbeads infused in it and a tolerable, faint smell. This is my current everyday face base that gives enough coverage to even out my complexion and to give me a slightly dewy, glowing finish. I have a very oily face so I find it impressive to last for at least 4 hours until I need to retouch or reblot. I tried to minimize the editing on the photo above so you can see how the color-adapting property performs in real life. I got the 03 shade, the darkest from the range in a rush when I could've been an 02 but I don't see how that is a factor really since it will adapt to your skin tone at once. I think one layer will be enough for girls with slightly dry skin but since I'm more of the oily kind of girl, I just had to add on another thin layer for safety measures.

Personally, I tend to go light on my base on a daily basis which is why a BB cream is always an option for my everyday face base and I'm in like with this so far. BB done, now onto the rest on my list, the CC, DD, ZZ - much excite!

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