November 13, 2014

An Ode To A Liquid Lipstick I Love.

I've already made quite an introduction about this on my post a few days back and since then I've been itching to do a full-on blog post on this because that's what we girls do - when you love something bad enough, you cannot wait to tell the whole world about it. True in love, true with lipstick.

What with the make up game ever changing and innovations left and right are fast arising, Bourjois Paris may have taken the liquid lipstick path a bit later than the rest but the wait was well worth it! It's as if they made sure they're going to ace it when they do and that they did! Rouge Edition Velvet Collection is what I would like to call liquid lipstick perfection housed in a cubed glass tube with a twist cap opening to reveal a doe foot applicator inside. It's as practical as a packaging can get, the color that you see on the outside is the shade of the actual lipstick you get and the doe foot applicator makes it the easiest to apply on the lips. They come in a liquid formula that glides on and magically dries on your lip as a matte formula with the most gorgeous shade range you can choose from. I got Pink Pong which is basically a hot pink beaut that screams "pretty with a punch". Two layers of this and you've got yourself an opaque and velvety finish that will last you all day - seriously long lasting! Once it dries up, it won't budge, won't transfer, won't dry and won't bleed on you. Are you convince of my liquid lipstick perfection claim yet? Although I have to add, if you're slightly scent sensitive, this has got a faint paint puff on which is highly tolerable and will be a goner before you even know it.

A matte lipstick minus all the nightmares that usually comes with such is finally a possibility, who would have thought? Suffice to say a repurchase of another shade, if not all of them six left, is going to happen. I already have my eyes on Nude-ist next which is basically an everyday lip color that screams "I woke up like 'dis" - at least on the lips department and I'm not going to lie, I could use some of that in my life.

November 12, 2014


I was out of town over the weekend and I managed to squeeze in some haulin' whilst I'm there and I thought I'd share them with you. Some unlikely purchases from a rather unlikely location. You'll see what I mean in a few...

Tres Chic. Yes. That's a trench coat, I bought a full-length trench coat. What was I thinking? Well, there's only one answer to that, or maybe two. I was thinking of London and Law of Attraction in a clothing form this time around. I got the weirdest stare from the sellers because I was all kilig when I tried it on as I was blurting out but it's all worth it! I haven't got the money for a Burberry one, heck not even the Topshop one, so when he told me they're selling it for Php 100, it was a done deal!

Three Musketeers. Meet Barry, Gordon and Oliver also known as the new boys in my life which happens to be cacti in pots. Am I a crazy lady for having a name for everything? I used to call my Blackberry Brody and then before that, my G900 Genie. Anyway, I came across these and I knew I had to get me some. They're pretty, dangerous and low-key slash low maintenance. And they always spice up an Instagram post. Really, that's actually one of the main reasons I got them, aside from getting all three for just Php 150, they're very Instagramable!

Bling On The Breeze. Decembreeze is just around the corner. I mean it's not on full-blown mode yet but it's there. So the warm fuzzies and knits will definitely come in handy in the coming days and this cozy pullover from the thrift market cost me Php 25 and a lifetime of snugglish warmth. It is so fuzzy yet lightweight, so you can go on and on with the layers when it gets colder plus it comes with a flattering neckline too. Perfect to pair with statement necklaces like this one from H&M or your favorite scarf of the season!

See? I told you. Highly unlikely loot but they all made me very, very happy and they're such a steal too. My purse has never been happier instead of lighter. Seriously, it's a win-win situation here, you reckon?

November 11, 2014

The Make Up Bag : Travel Edition

For a Virgo, I can give the horoscope masters a run for their money because when it comes to being organized, I am the least likely Virgo ever. That if there will be a line of Virgos according to her organizational skills from 'round the globe, I will definitely be the last person in that line. So me coming up with a "travel make up bag" post is kind of a milestone because it means I planned ahead of time, wuhoo! And here we go...

Nothing remarkable about the bag itself, I just picked this one up because it's roomy and the brushes can fit well inside without being deformed. Speaking of, it wasn't pictured here but I just packed the Real Techniques Duo Fiber Collection with me because it's a 3-piece-set that can multitask so I wouldn't have to bring all of the brushes. The bag is from Victoria's Secret from eons ago.

I figured your choice of base should depend on the temperature of the place you're headed to and in my case, it's slightly elevated so the weather will be a lot colder. I needed a moisturizing base with a slightly dewy finish because the oiliness will finally have to take the back seat when it's going to be 12 deg outside! Here I picked up Benefit The Porefessional, The Body Shop All In One BB Cream and Collection 2000 Lasting Performance Concealer. The rest of the face, Naked Flushed in Strip has got it covered for me - blush, bronzer and highlighter in one and that's me done!

Of course I'd go for a simple and as easy as the on-the-go eye makeup can get that I picked up a universal shadow which will match any lip color (more of this on my lips section below). A creamy eye shadow for the base and hint of color as well, an eyeliner for definition and mascara for the pop and prop of them lashes. That's Avon Eyeshadow Duet in Apricot Mist, LA Girl Liner in Cappuccino. Bourjois Twist Up The Volume Mascara. Insert brow-on-the-go here with the help of the ever reliable Etude House Eyebrow Drawing Pencil.

Basically my overpacking ability isn't limited to clothing, I overpack on lipstick too. But hey, they're just a little tube so an extra option wouldn't hurt and will always come in handy right? There's hardly a night time shenanigan included in our IT so I basically just decided on a bold berry lip on the first day and a bold matte lip on the second day. But to achieve the berriest of the berry, I have to layer two shades and that's the Avon Overnature in Cherry Berry and Kate Moss for Rimmel #107. And then, the bold matte lip came to life in the form of a liquid lipstick from Bourjois which is the Rouge Edition Velvet in Pink Pong. Cheating on this since I saw the cracked lips coming, what with the 12 deg temp, so I brought my Nivea Lip Balm with me for safety purposes.

On second thought, maybe the reason why I always put things like this aside is that I tend to focus more on the books and playlists more than my actual things - or makeup things for that matter. Excuses, excuses, excuses... Enough about me, let's be nosy together and tell me what's in yours!

November 07, 2014

RIP My Old Jeans.

Matty made me do it. How shameless but it's true. Even before style bloggers went overboard with the ripped knee trend over the season, good ole Matty of (duh) The 1975 has somehow owned this piece of trend as his that there's even a Twitter account named after his exposed left knee - shocking times. Anyway, his is probably Acne or designer something and he owns about ten or more of the same style. And so is the rest of the world may be but I don't, I have a couple of good old jeans and one afternoon I just decided on ripping the knees apart with a pair of scissors and finish off the edges with a sandpaper. Et voila! 

This is basically my second half of the year style staple. For some reason I find the ripped detail charming, teasing and easy on the eye - with a little bit of flesh revealed just fo' kicks. The faded denim skinnies is from herBench and the black one is a stretchy skinny jeans from The SM Department Store which I got way back during uni years - that's a decade ago! And this is exactly how I like wearing them - with strappy sandals and platforms. Paired with the default white v-neck tee and a hat. It's autumn/winter time, a girl can wear a hat out, can she? Besides what's the point in buying a new pair, let alone an expensive one, when it's ripped anyway? My thoughts exactly.

November 06, 2014

The First Of The So-Called "Alphabet Creams".

As of blog published time, aside from the BB, CC, DD craze - there's already been a ZZ cream in the market too, so I think I may be a little late on the so-called alphabet themed creams since I've just landed on my first which is a BB Cream at that. I never really fully understand the differences in between but having been using one for daily use, I think it's time we sit down and get to the alphabet creams business.

They are conveniently called blemish balms, hence the acronym BB. Or at least that's what I believe they stand for. The main thing about BB creams and what set them apart from the standard bases is that they are both a makeup and skincare product in one - it's like their love child. That's exactly what The Body Shop All-In-One BB Cream is about, its formulation is runny and slightly grayish in color with microbeads infused in it and a tolerable, faint smell. This is my current everyday face base that gives enough coverage to even out my complexion and to give me a slightly dewy, glowing finish. I have a very oily face so I find it impressive to last for at least 4 hours until I need to retouch or reblot. I tried to minimize the editing on the photo above so you can see how the color-adapting property performs in real life. I got the 03 shade, the darkest from the range in a rush when I could've been an 02 but I don't see how that is a factor really since it will adapt to your skin tone at once. I think one layer will be enough for girls with slightly dry skin but since I'm more of the oily kind of girl, I just had to add on another thin layer for safety measures.

Personally, I tend to go light on my base on a daily basis which is why a BB cream is always an option for my everyday face base and I'm in like with this so far. BB done, now onto the rest on my list, the CC, DD, ZZ - much excite!

November 05, 2014

Current Cravings Satisfied.

Usually my cravings are limited to food options and concert fixes but ever since I've fully embraced the world of beauty blogging, I now have these makeup musings too! For a certain palette, a particular lipstick or the newest beauty product found on my Instagram feed (come follow me if you haven't already @jyscmll) thrown into the mix.

Do you know how badly I want to own this lipstick from the Rouge Edition Velvet Lipstick by Bourjois? So bad that even if the Bourjois team kindly sent me a piece but somehow got lost in transition, I still made an effort to get my paws on one - that's how bad. A for the effort and I got a little help on the side and I have no regrets - this is love at first stain! The shade is in Pink Pong and the formulation is nothing like I've encountered before. Plus the packaging is just so posh - a cubed glass tube in hot pink, are you kidding me! Now this UNE Sun Minerals Matt Bronzer is literally a heaven sent from the beauty gods and goddesses, if I do say so myself. I have a few bronzer in my current stash but there is no matte one yet that I like. That's the reason why I was ever so slightly upset about the Naked Flushed palette I got because it came with a shimmery bronzer, so was the one I got from LOL Cosmetics and I'm really on the lookout for a matte. But what do you know, now I wouldn't have to search further. This is a gorgeous shade of warm flush and feels feathery at first swatch - I can't wait to get my contour on!

Until a new lipstick lust or a blush babble happens, I'm staying put with a rather satisfied smile on my face whilst on the lookout for the ones who'll make it to the next cut of cravings - which I hope isn't anytime soon for the sake of my savings account.
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