October 23, 2014

This Season's Shoes By Default.

 photo shoesbydefault01.jpg
 photo shoesbydefault02.jpg

I cannot even remember the last time I opted and wanted to wear heels for my whereabouts and seeing as my new step one will eventually require me to ditch the heels for good, I made sure my next essential purchase of the coming season would be something that isn't going to make me think twice of well, wearing them out and about. And what with the current normcore trend going on, this cutout 90's inspired sandals from Primadonna tickled my fancy at once during a random trip to the store. 

Comfortable and in monochrome, I'm easily sold. Although I have to say, I particularly love the cutout details - both on the surface and the heels. It's not likely for the temperature in the country to rocket into the boots territory anytime soon so the illusion of having a boot cut open heel is a good compromise - looks and feels like a pair of boots but it's not. I've been wearing them with everything but pairing them with my fave boyfriend jeans from Zara and a black cami top is my go-to ensemble these days. They look pretty on the feet and pretty much a statement on their own. It makes me feel like I am of the cool kids, if you know what I mean. And did I mention how incredibly comfortable they are? Well, there. I said it!

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