October 24, 2014

The Fictional Favourites.

I am an emotional reader. Which is something you will definitely find out for yourself by the end of this post. I never had the courage to do updated book reviews of the ones I read and loved because I feel like my emotions always get the better of me and my judgments will be biased. Just thought the earlier I put it out there, the easier for you to grasp the idea of how I ended up with my list of fictional faves. And why there is a list in the first place...

Table For Two by Marla Miniano.
If you know me in real life, there's a huge chance I've told you about the lives and the words of Lucas and Mandy as if they're real and I know them personally. I'm sure you're familiar with the films Love Actually and Valentine's Day wherein there's a bunch of equally interesting characters whose lives will intertwine at one point or another, this is the same for the characters in this Marla Miniano story. You would never guess how many stories a table for two at a coffee shop sandwiched between a Korean grocery and an appliance service center can hold. Or how the same table for two is the same place where love will find you. 

I Heart London (The Series) by Lindsey Kelk.
This is a life and love story about Angela and Alex. A blogger turned writer and a rockstar. I loved how you can easily relate to being an Angela and with the vast amount of rockstars the industry has to offer these days, go on and pick your Alex poison. Of course I'd pick out I Heart London from the rest because well, it's London - my dream city! The adventures and misadventures of good ol' Angela never fails to crack me up, add a little Alex on the side and I'm a goner. Lindsey is very relateable. She writes about handbags and make up and music and boys - a British girl after our own hearts.

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell.
Need I say more? I've always been a fangirl first, everything else just comes after that on my resume. The story's about a girl named Cath who holds on to her fandom obsession like her life depended on it until reality, also known as a guy called Levi, came to her rescue. So yes, just like Cath, being a fan is my life and I'm really good at it, too. I loved Attachments too wherein a stalkerish guy can't seem to veer away from his affinity to a girl. If you're usually skeptical about these things - fangirling and stalking, try giving Rainbow a chance. She's served them with just the right amount of reality and feelings to balance it all out and make it relateable and acceptable enough for you and I.

Why We Broke Up by Daniel Handler & Maira Kalman.
I don't think I have read anything of the same approach or maybe I've just not been doing enough reading but this is a fave because it is something else. For starters, it comes with catchy illustrations and easy humor. It's an open letter to a guy named Ed from the ex-girlfriend Minnie who's spent the whole time explaining to him why they broke up in this illustrated novel. If you're one of the highly sensitive and extremely sentimental folks then you may just find a best friend in Min.

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