October 07, 2014


The berry months are here, which speaks greatly of autumn hues and burgundy weekends. So I've come up with the simplest makeup menu to match the occasion: gold eyes, dark lips. This combination is what I've been slapping on to my face almost for just about every single day since the berry months started. There's something about warm, golden slightly coppery eyes that goes well with the bold, berry lips. This would have looked more proper with slightly loose waves just effortlessly hanging on the sides of my face but it is surprisingly too hot for a so-called autumn so I had to pull the girl bun on. For the eyes, this Cafe Shimmer Rollerball Eye Shadow from Avon Simply Pretty just does the job in about a blink of an eye, give or take two. Pack it on by gliding the roller tip onto the eye lids until you get your preferred warm gold hue. And then to really step up the berry lip game, just swipe on the Cherry Berry Avon Over Nature Lipstick until it's very berry enough for you. What I like to do is go on with 3 coats initially then using a loose powder, I mattify the area before swiping off one last final coat. I basically go bare with the rest of the face but go big on the eyes and the lips. Which I have noticed is starting to be a sort of house specialty of mine in this growing make up menu list. You reckon?

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