October 22, 2014


I eventually and naturally caved in... Since I really loved the formula and the color transfer of the Avon Ultra Matte Lipstick Collection, I had to get another two. In all fairness to my non-existent logic, I do not have any of the same shade in my collection so far. I've posted about Merlot and Coral here so the two new additions are the Fuchsia (rightmost) and Mandarin (second to the left). Looking at them from afar all lined up makes me happy already.... Houston, we may have a problem.

Anyway, the Fuchsia is what I would like to call My Felicity Smoak Pink. You ever watch Arrow the TV Series? There's a girl in there who wears glasses and bold lips from the MIT Class of 2009. This is her kind of pink lips - bold but not off putting, with just the right hint of subtlety to it. And then you have the Mandarin. Which reminds me of a more sophisticated lip color from NARS. This is a red orange shade which is something I've never tried before. I've done a Katherine Jenkins trial make up look and I needed her signature bold, orangey lip when I realized I didn't have one lying around. This one fits the bill. It's what summer and spring dreams are made of. And a statement lip on its own.

If you're too afraid to get into the bold lip territory just yet and you're looking for something to road test the feel of it before splurging on the top guns such as MAC, NARS and the likes then you may want to start off your collection with Avon's Matte Lipstick. They look more expensive than they really are and they feel just as luxurious on the lips upon application. It's not drying and dragging on the lips at all, it's not going to bleed on you so the application won't be such a pain but it transfers at once so you may have to retouch every 3 hours or so. Best to set it with powder too, just for precaution purposes but the color payoff? There's your money right there, honey.

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