October 28, 2014

Why I Chopped 8 Inches Off My Hair.

The drill. Basically, you get a free haircut in exchange of your hair in all of its 8 inch glory while making children with cancer happy - one new wig at a time. Winning! For someone like me who's decided on getting rid of it all in the first place, the chop wasn't really that much of a challenge, it's more of an opportunity. Showing up for the event however was since I haven't fully recovered yet but I didn't want to bother myself some more by missing out so I just rolled with the punches as I go.

The cause. New wigs for children with the Big C will be made out of the 8 inches of hair chopped off you. That's the Matrix 8 Inch Cut For Cancer Challenge in a nutshell which is a movement initialized by Matrix Salon, an American salon brand who's been around for about 30 years now in order to raise awareness and change lives of children with cancer. Together with David's Salon and Kythe Foundation, the event wherein more than 400 brave men and women got involved took place in SM The Block last October 25.

The process. Two words: Organized queuing. It made the difference. I signed up online, received a confirmation thru SMS, booked my preferred time slot, showed up and got chopped. A ziplock with your name will be handed over to you upon registration and the waiting time isn't even that long, I was 9th for my batch and I was assisted to a hairstylist in no time - beats the fastest salon time I can recall.

The chop. I picked out Love from the 8 stylish haircut ideas representing what you'll be able to give out to the children with cancer when you take the challenge. Alongside with Joy, Bravery, Hope, Strength, Confidence, Chance and Willpower which I personally think is just the cutest detail of personal touch into an already awesome concept.

The aftermath. Now this is the best part. You might think since it's for free and it's for a good cause, the chop will be just like that - a chop. But it's not! The hairstylist assigned to me personally groomed, styled and even texturized my haircut to perfection! No compromise at all. And I think that's why this movement is such a genuine success in more ways than one.

To find out more, you can visit the Matrix Salon Facebook Page and get involved as well. If you're looking into making a difference both in your life and in others, this may just be the opportunity you have long been waiting for. I know it has been mine and I have you to thank for that, Matrix Philippines! Now, can somebody pass me the dry, texturizing spray please...

October 27, 2014


I hardly match my nails with the season which is very obvious in my last nails post about white nails in almost autumn but I thought it's time I make up for it by actually picking out an appropriate shade for the season for once. There's something so earthly and warm about autumn. And though we clearly do not have an autumn season out here, my uncle from Canada has started popping autumn hues all over Facebook through his feed and they just look so gorgeous! So needless to say, I had to whip out OPI's Uh-Oh Roll Down The Window, my most autumn-toned polish to graze my tips for the week. I know, horrible name. I don't even know what was OPI thinking when they came up with it. But enough with that and onto the shade.... I wanted to get the warmest possible shade so I went in for three coats. But just like with any other OPI formulation, you can get a decent color payoff and opaqueness with already just two. The shade for me is like the last stages of green before transitioning into brown and fall right off the stem? Like a slow transition from autumn to fall. It actually looks best when thrown in together with other autumn tones and details like red, coppery eyes and and bold berry lips. Ahhhh, such warmth...

October 24, 2014

The Fictional Favourites.

I am an emotional reader. Which is something you will definitely find out for yourself by the end of this post. I never had the courage to do updated book reviews of the ones I read and loved because I feel like my emotions always get the better of me and my judgments will be biased. Just thought the earlier I put it out there, the easier for you to grasp the idea of how I ended up with my list of fictional faves. And why there is a list in the first place...

Table For Two by Marla Miniano.
If you know me in real life, there's a huge chance I've told you about the lives and the words of Lucas and Mandy as if they're real and I know them personally. I'm sure you're familiar with the films Love Actually and Valentine's Day wherein there's a bunch of equally interesting characters whose lives will intertwine at one point or another, this is the same for the characters in this Marla Miniano story. You would never guess how many stories a table for two at a coffee shop sandwiched between a Korean grocery and an appliance service center can hold. Or how the same table for two is the same place where love will find you. 

I Heart London (The Series) by Lindsey Kelk.
This is a life and love story about Angela and Alex. A blogger turned writer and a rockstar. I loved how you can easily relate to being an Angela and with the vast amount of rockstars the industry has to offer these days, go on and pick your Alex poison. Of course I'd pick out I Heart London from the rest because well, it's London - my dream city! The adventures and misadventures of good ol' Angela never fails to crack me up, add a little Alex on the side and I'm a goner. Lindsey is very relateable. She writes about handbags and make up and music and boys - a British girl after our own hearts.

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell.
Need I say more? I've always been a fangirl first, everything else just comes after that on my resume. The story's about a girl named Cath who holds on to her fandom obsession like her life depended on it until reality, also known as a guy called Levi, came to her rescue. So yes, just like Cath, being a fan is my life and I'm really good at it, too. I loved Attachments too wherein a stalkerish guy can't seem to veer away from his affinity to a girl. If you're usually skeptical about these things - fangirling and stalking, try giving Rainbow a chance. She's served them with just the right amount of reality and feelings to balance it all out and make it relateable and acceptable enough for you and I.

Why We Broke Up by Daniel Handler & Maira Kalman.
I don't think I have read anything of the same approach or maybe I've just not been doing enough reading but this is a fave because it is something else. For starters, it comes with catchy illustrations and easy humor. It's an open letter to a guy named Ed from the ex-girlfriend Minnie who's spent the whole time explaining to him why they broke up in this illustrated novel. If you're one of the highly sensitive and extremely sentimental folks then you may just find a best friend in Min.

October 23, 2014

This Season's Shoes By Default.

 photo shoesbydefault01.jpg
 photo shoesbydefault02.jpg

I cannot even remember the last time I opted and wanted to wear heels for my whereabouts and seeing as my new step one will eventually require me to ditch the heels for good, I made sure my next essential purchase of the coming season would be something that isn't going to make me think twice of well, wearing them out and about. And what with the current normcore trend going on, this cutout 90's inspired sandals from Primadonna tickled my fancy at once during a random trip to the store. 

Comfortable and in monochrome, I'm easily sold. Although I have to say, I particularly love the cutout details - both on the surface and the heels. It's not likely for the temperature in the country to rocket into the boots territory anytime soon so the illusion of having a boot cut open heel is a good compromise - looks and feels like a pair of boots but it's not. I've been wearing them with everything but pairing them with my fave boyfriend jeans from Zara and a black cami top is my go-to ensemble these days. They look pretty on the feet and pretty much a statement on their own. It makes me feel like I am of the cool kids, if you know what I mean. And did I mention how incredibly comfortable they are? Well, there. I said it!

October 22, 2014


I eventually and naturally caved in... Since I really loved the formula and the color transfer of the Avon Ultra Matte Lipstick Collection, I had to get another two. In all fairness to my non-existent logic, I do not have any of the same shade in my collection so far. I've posted about Merlot and Coral here so the two new additions are the Fuchsia (rightmost) and Mandarin (second to the left). Looking at them from afar all lined up makes me happy already.... Houston, we may have a problem.

Anyway, the Fuchsia is what I would like to call My Felicity Smoak Pink. You ever watch Arrow the TV Series? There's a girl in there who wears glasses and bold lips from the MIT Class of 2009. This is her kind of pink lips - bold but not off putting, with just the right hint of subtlety to it. And then you have the Mandarin. Which reminds me of a more sophisticated lip color from NARS. This is a red orange shade which is something I've never tried before. I've done a Katherine Jenkins trial make up look and I needed her signature bold, orangey lip when I realized I didn't have one lying around. This one fits the bill. It's what summer and spring dreams are made of. And a statement lip on its own.

If you're too afraid to get into the bold lip territory just yet and you're looking for something to road test the feel of it before splurging on the top guns such as MAC, NARS and the likes then you may want to start off your collection with Avon's Matte Lipstick. They look more expensive than they really are and they feel just as luxurious on the lips upon application. It's not drying and dragging on the lips at all, it's not going to bleed on you so the application won't be such a pain but it transfers at once so you may have to retouch every 3 hours or so. Best to set it with powder too, just for precaution purposes but the color payoff? There's your money right there, honey.

October 21, 2014


The Pencil. This is the best option if you have zero to none brows to work with. Pencil them in, girl. From the arch to the outline and up to filling them in. You don't have to worry about them being overdrawn, you can always blend it out to perfection using a spoolie or even an angled brush. The San-San Eyeliner Pencil in 03 is a good one if you're on the lookout for a budget friendly one to start with. Waxy in consistency, pigmented and easy to maneuver all over, plus it comes with a sharpener.

The Mechanical Pens. Which is by now, you know, is my personal favorite. I have slightly thick brows so I just need a little help in filling them in and defining them. Using mechanical pens are the easiest and most effective way for me at the moment. The Etude House Drawing Eye Brow Pen is already a given but these days I've been reaching out for the Maybelline Master Brow. It has the tiniest nib to get the precise replica of your eyebrow hair and get the shape of your brows almost effortlessly.

The Powder. This is for a more natural finish and if you have more time in your hands. The In2It Eyebrow Kit is a known favorite. It will also last you for years since you just need the littlest amount to build up the color slowly. This comes in three shades so you can have the liberty to choose which one to use for defining, arching and filling them in. There's also one from Essence, the one I've used for yonks but it's currently out of stock in the market. 

The Gel. This is for the airbrush finish look and for those who are blessed in the brow department. You don't need much help with the filling in but you need to keep the brows in place and maybe a tad bit of definition and fullness into them? Then the Jazzy Cosmetics Eye Brow Gel in 01 is your guy. An eyebrow gel or mascara is the easiest way to get away with it. It's best to choose a shade slightly lighter than your natural brow color just avoid the stark finish of an overly drawn brow. You can even go with a clear brow mascara if you're really after that au naturale look.

October 11, 2014


I finally made white nails happen for myself - one season late maybe but hey guys, finally!!! I've featured this White Out OMG! Nail Lacquer in my first Birthday Loot post but I haven't gotten around to successfully applying them on my rather short nails. I figured if I grow them a bit, more surface to work on, it'll work best. I did try to reshape the edges forming a square finish cos that's what I find flattering on my rather tiny knuckles. And I was right! It also possibly helped to let it be kept in the storage first for the formula to settle because I found it drying and really difficult to maneuver the first few tries. You will be able to get the opaque finish starting with two coats but if you want a more precise front, then go ahead with one more. The OMG formulations are really quite good for it's price, impressive! And then when I finally find it good enough or pretty enough, I apply one last coat of the San San Nail Polish Top Coat just to seal the deal. Not the best one in the market I know, but it's the one I have lying around and it works just as fine. Not going to lie, it's a bit of an effort to apply but the result is quite rewarding to the eye. White nails, aaaaaah!!!! Also, nothing brings back memories of school and uni than one set of nails colored in what looks like the liquid eraser we used back then... Alam kong alam nyo ang sinasabi ko! Amirite, 90's kids on the block? ;)

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October 08, 2014


Like I always say, new make up (especially new lipstick) doesn't last long untouched on my desk. It gets unwrapped, photographed and slapped on to my face at once. Or in this case, my lips. And so far, my #MeetTheMatte experience is one of my favorites! Just a few things before we proceed, this will be more like a first impressions and preview of the swatches on my actual lips post rather than a proper review because as for the lasting hours and all that jazz, I still can't say much about that. At least not yet.

The Ultra Matte Color range from Avon is rather a welcome surprise as I didn't expect it to be as good as it turned out to be. First off, the packaging is spot on, very appropriate and convenient. It comes with a glossy exterior with a matte ring band that will reveal a matte bodice as well once you pop it open and a see-thru tip which allows you to see which color is which inside of it. It reminds me so much of the Rimmel for Kate Moss packaging if only for the gloss and matte appearance and for actually looking rather expensive than it actually is. Onto the infamous matte formulation, which has always been a bit tricky since most are drying and tends to bleed but I have to say Avon knows how to walk their talk when they said this is a matte lipstick that isn't drying at all. And look at how pigmented they are! I gotta say though I'm a bit confused with the colors because I got the Matte Coral which is more like a pastel pink rather than a coral to me. The Matte Merlot however is a gorgeous shade of red with a cool undertone that's more on the blue side of things. However it's not that I am complaining, I'm just saying it's a bit confusing. As for the application, I've initially slapped on 3 coats to get this opaque finish and then mattify it using the tissue-and-loose-powder method before slapping on one final coat. It's a scented formulation, one I can't quite put my finger on but it's not too strong or off-putting at all, it actually smells rather nice and calming. And here's the catch... this retails for Php199! Yep, your Avon Lady awaits you, mi lady!

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October 07, 2014


The berry months are here, which speaks greatly of autumn hues and burgundy weekends. So I've come up with the simplest makeup menu to match the occasion: gold eyes, dark lips. This combination is what I've been slapping on to my face almost for just about every single day since the berry months started. There's something about warm, golden slightly coppery eyes that goes well with the bold, berry lips. This would have looked more proper with slightly loose waves just effortlessly hanging on the sides of my face but it is surprisingly too hot for a so-called autumn so I had to pull the girl bun on. For the eyes, this Cafe Shimmer Rollerball Eye Shadow from Avon Simply Pretty just does the job in about a blink of an eye, give or take two. Pack it on by gliding the roller tip onto the eye lids until you get your preferred warm gold hue. And then to really step up the berry lip game, just swipe on the Cherry Berry Avon Over Nature Lipstick until it's very berry enough for you. What I like to do is go on with 3 coats initially then using a loose powder, I mattify the area before swiping off one last final coat. I basically go bare with the rest of the face but go big on the eyes and the lips. Which I have noticed is starting to be a sort of house specialty of mine in this growing make up menu list. You reckon?

October 01, 2014


During the first half of the month, I posted about My Birthday Month Loot (So Far) and since then, I have had a few more things added on the non-imaginary shopping carts. Although this is a bit different since most of the items on here falls exclusively on the "I Need This" category. Anyway, I thought it's time to post about them before the birthday month card pass expires in about 6 more hours.

TRESemme Salon Finish Extra Hold Hairspray. This is in the travel size packaging and it is perfect for me as I just need something to carry around with me for personal use to tame my ever so unruly hair and also comes in handy for when I have a hairstyling gig. Smells good too which is always a factor for me.

Landmark False Eyelashes. I've ran out of falsies and I need some for practice and for when the situation calls for it so I just grabbed some from the Landmark. 

IN2IT Waterproof Eyebrow Colour. As much as I love the convenience that comes with an eyebrow drawing pencil, nothing beats the consistency of an eyebrow powder and this is very well loved by most people I know so I caved in and got me one.

Jazzy Collections Eyebrow Gel in 01. I am not much of an eyebrow gel myself, except for the clear ones, but since I need to have one in my kit, I asked around and friends suggested this one so yep, another one under the "endorsed by friends" purchase.

Nichido Final Powder in Creamy Glow. Again, because I have none and I need one. It's the only one I'm familiar with and something I personally used before so I thought why not give it a whirl again. 

Maybelline Eye & Lip Make Up Remover. If you ever find yourself using a gel liner, this will always come handy. I wanted to get the bigger size this time but it's out of stock so I had to settle for the smaller one. 

Marionnaud N38 Eyebrow Brush & Eyelash Curler. I knew I had to buy this particular eye brush because it goes well with the In2It Eyebrow Powder Kit and then the curler because I stepped on mine and naturally, it's now broken.
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