September 26, 2014


I have the weirdest logic in the history of beauty blogging. I purchased the Collection Lasting Performance Concealer immediately after the launch of the Collection Cosmetics, a UK based cosmetic line, here in the Philippines because every British beauty blogger I've known has got nothing but praises for this product. Aside from my default London state of mind, it's also known for being the best drugstore concealer ever and so naturally I wanted to get my hands on one, or two in this case.

I initially got the Medium shade because it's a match for my morena skin tone therefore it sits well with my natural skin color. But since I wanted more of the highlighting concealer too, I knew I had to get that one-shade-lighter-than-your-natural-skin-color so I picked up the shade Light next. It has a creamy consistency that is very buildable and blendable, giving you a decent, if not medium to full coverage. I use the Medium shade to cover up any imperfections like spots or redness while I use the Light shade mainly for highlighting and brightening purposes. I don't find it drying or cakey at all since I have oily skin so I guess the natural moisture of my face helps but to make sure I do prime my face prior to any face base application just for the products to have something to adhere to. It has a doe foot applicator, a spongy-tipped wand that picks just the right amount of product you can work with. I alternately go for the Dot Method wherein I apply a series of dots under the eye area and then proceed on blending with my fingers or a brush and the Inverted Triangle Method wherein I go about and draw a v-shaped figure from under the outer corner of my one eye downwards to the tip of the apples of my cheek and back up to the inner corner of the same eye. This just gives you an illusion of suddenly having embossed cheekbones and brightened face all over.

Few tips for the road. To avoid the drying effect of any face product, apply on one area then blend at once instead of applying the product on both areas then coming back for it after you've finished the other to blend it out. In these cases, the products already been exposed with air hence increasing the crying and caking tendencies, In case of covering up blemishes and spots, best to avoid using the doe foot applicator directly into the area. Swipe off the product onto the back of your hand first and use a brush you will then sanitize after use, in applying for hygienic purposes. You wouldn't want to have all that dirt transferred back into the tube so don't risk it. Personally, I didn't know how I lasted long without a concealer in my life. It's now on top of my cheat sheet list especially being a girl who hardly ever have enough, let alone eight hours of sleep but with a concealer, I don't have to look like it. Sssh, don't tell anyone. ;)

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