September 15, 2014


The 1975's Heart Out video came out on my birthday and Matthew's words of course made its way into my poor little fangirl heart. He said, "It's a bunch of kids who think they're rockstars. And... They are. x."

What if Matty's right? What if all we have to do is just be and then that's it - we suddenly are? It's like a challenge to anyone who's ever been so afraid to reach out for their dreams, too afraid to even think of one or any at all. Here's a rough draft on how to get going with yours, or started at least. But I'm saying it's a rough draft because I am clearly in no position to give out life advises, let alone career-related ones, but I just thought maybe a few of the things that worked for me will more or less work for you as well.

Identify your step one.
This has been the toughest one for me. I spent the last three years figuring out what that new step one will be. You have got to start somewhere so unless you have this one picked out, you will just keep on going around in circles instead of climbing a step ladder upwards. It's not going to be too late or too early, just have a go at it and figure your heart out. It will be worth it.

Maintain a trusted life support.
You are going to get lonely, frustrated, rejected. You are going to be happy, successful, elated. Having a trusted life support who will not falter, who will not let go of your hand, who will never stop believing during the good times but most importantly during the bad days will literally be your saving grace. You won't need a lot but it wouldn't hurt to have a lot. Those who blesses your life and nurtures your heart the most, keep them close.

Keep on making mistakes.
Because that's how you learn, honey. Just not the same mistakes over and again because that's not how it works. It's always best to get it right the first time but where's the fun in that? Do not be afraid to get it wrong. You need to accept that it's okay to get things wrong rather than not getting things done at all because you were so afraid to fall. Identify where it went wrong and work your way towards on making it right because honey, what if you fly?

Just be.
Whatever it is that you have decided on putting your heart into, just be. As much as you can. As often as you can. There is so much power that lies behind the belief in one's self. And you can only be a believer of yourself if you know what you are capable of and you've worked hard enough for your worth. If you don't take yourself seriously, then who else will? So do it. Just be. And if you must, be super.

So to close this one out and to quote the rockstar that is Matthew Healy, "I'm just any other girl who thinks I am super. And... I am. x." About time you get involved too, love.

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