September 02, 2014


I thought it's finally time to put in a more in depth post about my first eye shadow palette. I've mentioned this in the past here and now that I've had enough time to test it out, here's why I thought it's always best to start with the neutrals when it comes to picking your first eye shadow palette.

I've strategically arranged them in the same order of my usual application if I want to go all out with all the shades. The Matte 330 is a powdery cream shade which I prefer using as a base while the Pearl 397 is a shimmery version of this cream based shade which can be used as a highlighter and to give that little pop of shimmer to your inner corners. AMC Shine 46 is a pink-toned shimmer that looks gorgeous when washed all over the lids. The next one is the Matte 326 which is a chocolate brown shade which can be used to line your eyes as a brown eyeliner, act as a transition shade and to define the outer v corners of the eyes. And lastly, no eye shadow palette is complete without the blackest of black matte shade and it is the Matte 391.

For my go-to everyday look, I always go for the subtle daytime sparkle and the combination I seem to always go for is the Matte 330 as a base, AMC Shine 46 all over the lid and a pop of Pearl 397 to the inner corners of my eyes and a bit on center of the lids. And then when I feel like being braver and bolder, I can always go from subtle to smokey by packing on the Matte 326 on the outer v and blend it all out.

The Inglot Eye Shadow squares are highly pigmented and have a great color payoff. You won't need much to get the colors start popping out so they can fairly last you a long while before you hit pan on them. And like I said before, one can never go wrong with the wearable neutrals. You can easily go from subtle to smokey, dainty to daring, plain and powerful with each shade and that is why a neutral palette is a must have for every girl out there. The possibilities are endless with it!

You can get the Inglot Eye Shadow Square for Php425 each at their flagship store, G/F Glorietta 5.


  1. I really like the look you have created with the Inglot shadows.
    I want to get my hands on an inglot palette but they are very hard to find in England.

    By the way, I've just found your blog from twitter and I'm liking it!
    Just followed you on bloglovin'.

    You can find me at Kah-Feh Yen.

    1. Hello, thank you for your kind words, Wanischa! I didn't know it's difficult to get Inglot products out there, sad times. :(

      I just saw yours & I love the smokey eyes look you created with Naked 3 as well! PS. Followed you as well, love. x


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