September 14, 2014


You know how it goes when it's your birthday month - you have all the right and luxury pull out the birthday card pass in order to justify every single illogical and irrational thing that comes to mind. That's what I am doing here. I'm going to pull that birthday card pass now to justify my little naughty September loot, oops! Drum rolls please...

The forever repurchase. I've ran out of my overly raved about eyebrow product, Etude Drawing Eye Brow Pencil, so naturally I have to get me a new one. And while I'm at it, I purchased an alternative as well - the Maybelline Master Brow which reminds me so much of the Anastasia Brow Wiz minus the spoolie end. The Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer because it works like a dream yet very affordable.

The age-appropriate acquisition. My skincare routine's non-existent before these but numbers don't lie and as you age, the wrinkles are going to start showing up somehow therefore I needed this change. I was test-running a Celeteque combination but it just didn't work for me and then I got very lazy and just made use of whatever's available in our bathroom counter, soz. Onto my second week with what I would like to call my Nivea's mattify everything skincare routine - Nivea Deep Cleansing Mud Foam, Nivea Mattifying Toner, Nivea Soft Moisturizing Cream - and there have been visible results already! It has reduced my excessive oiliness, not shine-free yet but less than my usual dripping with sweat face at least.

The grown-up gear. Back in July I had this realization of not having any luxurious bottle of scented candle to light up for celebrating life's little moments like when reading a good book on a Friday night in. Randomly saw these Ikea Sinnlig candles and when I took a sniff of the Full Blossom Lilac, I knew it would smell great in our living room as well as in my own room so I grabbed two! Who knew lighting candles will be my thing... I guess it's one of the many grown up things coming my way, eh.

The BNWs. If it's black and white, it's an instant like. I seem to have a arrived to that phase when everything I purchase is either black or black with occasional whites. The 90's inspired sandals are from Primadonna and they are the comfiest sandals ever! The mix of black and white details for the straps' a cherry on top. The polishes are from OMG Oh My Golly Nail Lacquer called Black Out and White Out, respectively. Finally, a good black and a good white. Well, hopefully. I already have it in Red Salsa and it's a good 'un so yeah, fingers crossed!

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