September 03, 2014


I'm working on a personal project at the moment which is why I am now currently sitting on the floor of a condominium's lounge area at 1 in the morning...

Since I was off to some place anyway, I thought it was also the perfect opportunity to finally give my new lipstick a whirl. Blame it on Anne Curtis. I saw her wearing plum lips on Showtime, I told myself I have to get the same shade for me. And then when you have a friend like Rora Marie who's just as excited to get that vampy shade of lips, you cannot possibly need any more motivation.

This is where your good ol' Avon Lady comes in again. When I saw her post on IG that it was in fact an Avon lippie, Over Nature Lipstick in Cherry Berry, I knew what I had to do. So a week after I placed my order, I am now a bearer and a wearer of this Cherry Berry number. The color payoff is weird, a red mixed with plum and violet tints. It looks different on the tube as compared to the actual color on your lips or to the color registration on photos. You might have to reach 3 layers before getting that vampy, dark plum finish because 1 layer isn't any different than your usual reds. But it's fine because its formula is super moisturizing, it glides easily on the lips and feels luxurious too. However it has a tendency to bleed so it's always best to use a lip liner with this. Unfortunately for me it makes my teeth look yellow but they definitely aren't which means it's not my perfect red but that doesn't mean I can't get away with it because I love it so I shall make it work. Also, it makes my face look paler than the usual, sans foundation so I guess that adds up to the vampy feel when using this shade?

I've just had it on for a day and we've definitely got some weird ways and developments here so far. It transferred to my drinking glass and even onto the food I ate so I may have to do better on the application next time. It lasted me a good 5 hours with a meal in between before it started fading. I still don't know what to feel about it but I've gotten a few compliments already... I guess I would have to road test it for some more days and ways as well. Watch this space. 

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