September 30, 2014


It's the most wonderful time of the year, at least for a Virgo like me who loves September by default because it's my birthday month! And seeing as it has finally come to an end, I thought it'll be perfect to celebrate it thru a giveaway! I do realize it's kind of weird how to be hosting one towards the end of the month when normally it should be at the beginning of it but I'm kind of thinking this is more like a beautiful goodbye, a "so long, my lovely September... you have been lovely as always".

And in my true Lipstick Girls With Glasses fashion and you probably know by now how much of a lipstick girl I am, I think it is just but appropriate to give away a lipstick for this! I'm going to give away one black tube of a beaut of her personal choice to one reader in celebration of the September that was. I've had an awesome one, you lovely lot being one of the many reasons for it, so I thought I'd share the love back!

Going to host this one with Rafflecopter and you can enter by clicking the link below! Good luck, lipstick girls! Let's unite in conquering the world, one lipstick shade at a time! x

September 26, 2014


I have the weirdest logic in the history of beauty blogging. I purchased the Collection Lasting Performance Concealer immediately after the launch of the Collection Cosmetics, a UK based cosmetic line, here in the Philippines because every British beauty blogger I've known has got nothing but praises for this product. Aside from my default London state of mind, it's also known for being the best drugstore concealer ever and so naturally I wanted to get my hands on one, or two in this case.

I initially got the Medium shade because it's a match for my morena skin tone therefore it sits well with my natural skin color. But since I wanted more of the highlighting concealer too, I knew I had to get that one-shade-lighter-than-your-natural-skin-color so I picked up the shade Light next. It has a creamy consistency that is very buildable and blendable, giving you a decent, if not medium to full coverage. I use the Medium shade to cover up any imperfections like spots or redness while I use the Light shade mainly for highlighting and brightening purposes. I don't find it drying or cakey at all since I have oily skin so I guess the natural moisture of my face helps but to make sure I do prime my face prior to any face base application just for the products to have something to adhere to. It has a doe foot applicator, a spongy-tipped wand that picks just the right amount of product you can work with. I alternately go for the Dot Method wherein I apply a series of dots under the eye area and then proceed on blending with my fingers or a brush and the Inverted Triangle Method wherein I go about and draw a v-shaped figure from under the outer corner of my one eye downwards to the tip of the apples of my cheek and back up to the inner corner of the same eye. This just gives you an illusion of suddenly having embossed cheekbones and brightened face all over.

Few tips for the road. To avoid the drying effect of any face product, apply on one area then blend at once instead of applying the product on both areas then coming back for it after you've finished the other to blend it out. In these cases, the products already been exposed with air hence increasing the crying and caking tendencies, In case of covering up blemishes and spots, best to avoid using the doe foot applicator directly into the area. Swipe off the product onto the back of your hand first and use a brush you will then sanitize after use, in applying for hygienic purposes. You wouldn't want to have all that dirt transferred back into the tube so don't risk it. Personally, I didn't know how I lasted long without a concealer in my life. It's now on top of my cheat sheet list especially being a girl who hardly ever have enough, let alone eight hours of sleep but with a concealer, I don't have to look like it. Sssh, don't tell anyone. ;)

September 25, 2014


Seeing as I am not the best when it comes to eye liners, I was not really thrilled to realize I need to step up my eyeliner game by conquering the gel ones. There is no other technique to it other than just giving it a go every single time and risk as many eyeball poking as possible until you get the gist and eventually apply it on effortlessly. Clearly I am nowhere near the effortlessly territory just yet, I'm on my 100th eyeball poke as we speak.

This Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Liner in 01 Black is a new improved gel liner formulation that is both smudge and water proof and promises to last up to 36 hours. It comes with a customized liner brush to help you achieve a fine or thick line and even a flick if that's what you fancy. It is creamy in texture and dries up quickly after application so when it settled, there's no more budging and will require a good eye makeup remover to do so. As for the application, would you believe I actually have a few tips? It is surprisingly easy to work with as long as you get steady hands so I suggest you anchor your working hand to something concrete first. For the application, stretch the lids and apply it as close to the lashline as possible. Dip the brush lightly into the pot and start dotting from the center of your lid outwards first then lightly fill in the inward area next. Then dip into the pot again and this time make one swift line connecting all the pre-made dots. If you're aiming for a fine line, you need to hold and drag the brush in an almost parallel, tipping position as to be more precise but if you prefer a thicker one, hold and drag the brush diagonally, leaning sideways. Because of the creamy gel texture and consistency, it's almost effortless to connect all the dotted lines into one flawless line just by dragging the brush lightly, the product glides through with it without creasing. I have yet to try the flick with it but I may have to use a different brush for that just for the ease of it and to be more precise as well. Those liner brushes with a tipped and bent end, I would have to get myself one of those. But for now, I am kind of enjoying this. Packaging looks classy and compact too. Oh, one more thing! I heard about the common con about gel liners in a pot is that they dry up ever so easily so I suggest you flip it over (as pictured above) while you're using it because you don't want to risk it being exposed to so much air but putting the cap back on after every single dip will be too much of a bother. This way, no air will enter the pot and will probably lessen the chances of drying up the product all too quickly. Phew, for a non-eyeliner kind of girl, I can't believe I've just come up with all of that, *taps self on the back*.

September 24, 2014


I wanted to originally call it My Skincare Routine but who am I kidding, I don't have one. Or at least I used to have none until I started to notice how dull my skin is looking and how awful it is starting to feel like. So during my latest trip to the department store, I found myself picking up some skincare basics. You know the drill, the default three-step-routine called CTM as in cleanse-tone-moisturize.

Cleanse. My main concern is that I have oily skin so I basically looked out for something particularly recommended for my skin type and ended up with the Nivea Deep Cleansing Mud Foam. Looks a bit weird because it's like liquid silver, like that of a liquid mercury in appearance but don't let this put you off because it works wonders in deep cleansing and putting off excess shine which is something I can always make use of. Plus despite looking like a mud quite literally, it actually smells divine and leaves you with a fresh-scented face. I pat this on all over my face and leave it on for a while to let the formula sink in then slightly massage my face for a minute before washing it all off.

Tone. Spot the magic word: mattifying. Toners are supposed to maintain skin's natural pH balance so I guess my skin have got a lot of catching up to do before it reached a balanced state. This step just makes me cringe every single time because it makes me realize how dirty the face can still get even after cleansing. Using a cotton pad, which my mother fondly calls sosyal na bulak, I apply this Nivea Daily Essential Mattifying Toner on all over my face in an upward and circular motion concentrating more on the T-zone where I am the oiliest. The cringe part happens right after staring back into the residue, oil and excess sebum left in your sosyal na bulak. You are warned.

Moisturize. I think this Nivea Refreshingly Soft Moisturizing Cream is an overall moisturizer for the face, body and hands but I mainly use it for the face. I was hesitant to get this because it lacks the magic words like mattifying and for oily skin then it has jojoba oil so I'm like no need for any more oil please. But surprisingly, when you let the toner settle before packing on this moisturizer, it will result to a slightly matte and soft finish. A few can go a long way with this, I use the dot method and just lather it all over my face in mostly an upward motion. This one smells and feels like a traditional Nivea product, if you get what I mean.

Brighten. The extra step especially for girls with glasses like myself who needs a little more pamper around the eye area. I'm still unsure if this does brighten my eyes but it definitely helps in relieving and cooling down the area for me. I keep this Garnier Brightening Eye Roll On refrigerated, down the chiller area, to maximized its cooling effect. It's a roll-on product with an aluminum tip so it does get chilled and just feels very relaxing when I finally sweep it on to my unwanted under eye baggage. It's easy and practical to use, very fitting being it an extra step and who doesn't love a good innovative product? I know I do.

September 23, 2014


Ever since I posted a photo of this beaut from Urban Decay Naked range, I have been asked a few questions about it. As it turns out, we make up fangirls do really have a lot in common! So I figured it's about time I get into the cheeky details - quite literally.

According to Urban Decay, Strip Flushed is the bronzy Naked trio that includes a super silky bronzer, highlighter and blush. Use them individually or blend them all together. Repeat. Bask in the radiant afterglow. But according to me it's something you definitely want to consider getting especially if you're just starting out because you get three products that actually works and who doesn't love a good ole' multitasking product. Getting your money's worth and more. Plus the packaging is spot on. Perfect for traveling as it is a hard cased magnetic metal which locks itself up on its own when flipped close. It has a decent size of a mirror to go with it which is always, always a good thing.

I have been very vocal about my love for my morena skin tone and I find this palette a perfect fit for us girls who are more on the warmer side of things. I initially wanted to get Streak because the highlighter has got The Balm's Mary Loumanizer vibes all over it and I love me a good highlighter and the bronzer is more on the matte side which I find is more practical. However upon seeing this palette in person, it was love at first sight. I knew right there and then that the colors are going look so good onto my cheeks for that "radiant afterglow", if I do say so myself.

For this look, you can see how I've just mainly used this palette all over. That's the bronzer washed all over the crease, on top of a brown eyeliner. I saw the Burberry SS14 for LFW and this is mainly the look that's going on for the models, except they've got a bold red lip on. I really wanted a good bronzer/contour powder to make my non-existent cheekbones pop and this works for me! I would've gone for a one swirl of all three altogether and I'm sure it will look all right but I wanted to show you how the colors transfer individually. So I went traditional and layered them all one by one. I used the bronzer to contour the hollows of my cheeks and define the rest of my face. It's pigmented and has a powder finish with a bit of shimmer on which will eventually look natural on the face. Then the blush is probably the warmest shade of red there is - like the one you get when you've just finished working out or walking a mile home. Pack it on and blend is the way to go. Now onto the highlighter which may just be my favorite among the three. I know it's just a highlighter but a highlighter is not a just for me. I love me a good glow every single time. Whether it's on my cheeks or the brow bone or the inner corners of my eyes, I love me a good one. So this just tickles my fancy the most. And look how good it looks on a photo, how much more with the natural lighting on? Trust me, it's a dream!

You can get all the Urban Decay Flushed Palettes from @polishedinthecity for Php 1800 each.

September 20, 2014


Clearly we do not have an autumn season in the Philippines but that doesn't mean I can't wear an autumn themed make up look. Here's how I've been wearing my face for the past few cooler days...

I've recently received the bits and pieces I ordered from @polishedinthecity, an online seller of authentic make up products that aren't available locally. I've got the Naked Flushed Strip mainly because I needed a compact and good all around face product for contouring and highlighting, Kate Moss for Rimmel Lipstick 107 because why not. I've always loved the formula of KM for Rimmel lipstick and so far I've tried the nudes and the pinks so it's about time I give the reds a try. And this is my choice of red, a deep berry red with a slight blue undertone. If you're looking for reasonably priced and 101% authentic make up products, you might want to check them out here.

As for the rest of the face, I went with the usual combination of my flawless base and added an inverted triangular swipe of the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in Light under the eyes to really step up my highlighting game. Finally the "one shade lighter than your skin tone" concealer for me. Cheated on my fave brow product and gave the Maybelline Master Brow a whirl and so far, it's also a good 'un but twice the price of the Etude House's. And can you spot a cheeky eyeliner flick? I know, I'm so proud! It's the Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Liner in Black 01. I've been loving a lengthened and full lash look so I've been grabbing my Bourjois Twist Up The Volume Mascara for that. It primes and amps up the lashes by twisting and changing the wand direction.

By now, you can probably notice a makeup trend going on with my looks. Bold lips is almost always a must for me especially now that the Berry Lip Days aka cooler days are here. But with a slightly more flushed cheeks and warm face, thanks to my Naked Flushed palette. More deets coming as soon as I get enough playing time with it but for now I can only say it also makes me want to take one too many selfies when I have it on. Ooops!

September 18, 2014

An Ode To My Fellow Girls With Glasses.

I have no idea why it's taken me this long before I get into focus of what is essentially my daily face of the day. I have worn glasses all my life - literally. I started back in kindergarten and I'm telling you, it's not a pretty sight. Think full, squared fringe, massive frames and thick lenses. It's not really a fancy combination. But that was before I even have a say on which frames to buy, thank you Mother. Now, not only do I have a say on the frame, I get to build my own face of the day to go with it too. This is now an easy one for me. I don't know how it happened but it's been a staple look especially during Mondays when I just cannot be bothered but I don't want to look it. I just go and grab my grown up specs and fave shade of red lips at the moment and nobody can guess I had the hardest time waking up from bed. However, there are a few bits and bobs you also might want to consider...

Concealer is a girl's (with glasses) best friend. No kidding. You need to work on extra on the eye brightening department when you're wearing glasses or else they're going to appear darker than they really are and going to make your eyes look droopy and tired. So pick out a creamy and blendable concealer so it will sit well on your skin and the frame will sit well on it.

Frame and fill the brows but go slightly lighter than usual. This depends on the frame you have though. But because mine has thicker and fuller rims, I need to go easy on framing the brows and not go overboard or it will all be a bit too much and too harsh. 

Curl your lashes but skip the mascara. Or else you'd end up with the lashes sticking out to your lenses and staining them. However I went on without curling them one time, since I thought it can't be seen with my glasses on, but to my surprise an officemate called my attention asking if I was in a hurry that morning because I didn't get to curl my lashes. Ooops, it shows. So go, curl them. Just have a pass on the mascara.

The bolder the lips, the better. I am not afraid of the bold lips. And I take pride in it. I don't know why and how that happened but you can always see me wearing red lips and stark black glasses together and get away with it. Or at least I think I do. I just find that it compliments the grown up vibe of my frames and it's the easiest way to look like I have it all figured out even if most of the time I don't. Cheat sheet anyone? Lipstick girls with glasses unite!

September 15, 2014


The 1975's Heart Out video came out on my birthday and Matthew's words of course made its way into my poor little fangirl heart. He said, "It's a bunch of kids who think they're rockstars. And... They are. x."

What if Matty's right? What if all we have to do is just be and then that's it - we suddenly are? It's like a challenge to anyone who's ever been so afraid to reach out for their dreams, too afraid to even think of one or any at all. Here's a rough draft on how to get going with yours, or started at least. But I'm saying it's a rough draft because I am clearly in no position to give out life advises, let alone career-related ones, but I just thought maybe a few of the things that worked for me will more or less work for you as well.

Identify your step one.
This has been the toughest one for me. I spent the last three years figuring out what that new step one will be. You have got to start somewhere so unless you have this one picked out, you will just keep on going around in circles instead of climbing a step ladder upwards. It's not going to be too late or too early, just have a go at it and figure your heart out. It will be worth it.

Maintain a trusted life support.
You are going to get lonely, frustrated, rejected. You are going to be happy, successful, elated. Having a trusted life support who will not falter, who will not let go of your hand, who will never stop believing during the good times but most importantly during the bad days will literally be your saving grace. You won't need a lot but it wouldn't hurt to have a lot. Those who blesses your life and nurtures your heart the most, keep them close.

Keep on making mistakes.
Because that's how you learn, honey. Just not the same mistakes over and again because that's not how it works. It's always best to get it right the first time but where's the fun in that? Do not be afraid to get it wrong. You need to accept that it's okay to get things wrong rather than not getting things done at all because you were so afraid to fall. Identify where it went wrong and work your way towards on making it right because honey, what if you fly?

Just be.
Whatever it is that you have decided on putting your heart into, just be. As much as you can. As often as you can. There is so much power that lies behind the belief in one's self. And you can only be a believer of yourself if you know what you are capable of and you've worked hard enough for your worth. If you don't take yourself seriously, then who else will? So do it. Just be. And if you must, be super.

So to close this one out and to quote the rockstar that is Matthew Healy, "I'm just any other girl who thinks I am super. And... I am. x." About time you get involved too, love.

September 14, 2014


You know how it goes when it's your birthday month - you have all the right and luxury pull out the birthday card pass in order to justify every single illogical and irrational thing that comes to mind. That's what I am doing here. I'm going to pull that birthday card pass now to justify my little naughty September loot, oops! Drum rolls please...

The forever repurchase. I've ran out of my overly raved about eyebrow product, Etude Drawing Eye Brow Pencil, so naturally I have to get me a new one. And while I'm at it, I purchased an alternative as well - the Maybelline Master Brow which reminds me so much of the Anastasia Brow Wiz minus the spoolie end. The Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer because it works like a dream yet very affordable.

The age-appropriate acquisition. My skincare routine's non-existent before these but numbers don't lie and as you age, the wrinkles are going to start showing up somehow therefore I needed this change. I was test-running a Celeteque combination but it just didn't work for me and then I got very lazy and just made use of whatever's available in our bathroom counter, soz. Onto my second week with what I would like to call my Nivea's mattify everything skincare routine - Nivea Deep Cleansing Mud Foam, Nivea Mattifying Toner, Nivea Soft Moisturizing Cream - and there have been visible results already! It has reduced my excessive oiliness, not shine-free yet but less than my usual dripping with sweat face at least.

The grown-up gear. Back in July I had this realization of not having any luxurious bottle of scented candle to light up for celebrating life's little moments like when reading a good book on a Friday night in. Randomly saw these Ikea Sinnlig candles and when I took a sniff of the Full Blossom Lilac, I knew it would smell great in our living room as well as in my own room so I grabbed two! Who knew lighting candles will be my thing... I guess it's one of the many grown up things coming my way, eh.

The BNWs. If it's black and white, it's an instant like. I seem to have a arrived to that phase when everything I purchase is either black or black with occasional whites. The 90's inspired sandals are from Primadonna and they are the comfiest sandals ever! The mix of black and white details for the straps' a cherry on top. The polishes are from OMG Oh My Golly Nail Lacquer called Black Out and White Out, respectively. Finally, a good black and a good white. Well, hopefully. I already have it in Red Salsa and it's a good 'un so yeah, fingers crossed!

September 13, 2014


It wasn't a conscious effort at first but ever since I posted about how everything changes in September, I realized there's one thing that does not. Because it's typically me to wear a black dress on my birthday, for three consecutive years now. I posted about my previous BBDs on Instagram some time last year, if you fancy a nosy. And yes, what LBD? BBD is happening, ha!

I am not that big on birthdays per se, I am more excited about the countdown and anticipation so planning my birthday dress and lips is essential. This year it's a shift black dress from H&M and the hot pink number peeking through is the F21 sports bra. It's more of a relaxed dress rather than a formal or casual one because that is how 28 is looking like for me so far. I've never felt more relaxed and relieved to be a turning a year older... That's such a strange thing to say out loud or type out actually. Anyway, it's such a weird feeling knowing I'm exactly where I wanted to be at this age. That where I am in life right now is finally by choice, a decision rather than a happenstance or a mere coincidence. I still don't know if that's good enough but I kind of like where I ended up being. I am literally a "just be" right now. At 28. And I'm very much fine with it. So I guess that's all good right?

The birthday lips as you already know is Patisserie. I was saving my first ever black tube of a beaut for my birthday and so swatching it finally happened! Here it is on my lips!!! Can we all take a moment to appreciate how this transfers on the lips? Applying it was the best part of my day because look at that! MLLB. Apparently, MLLB is happening too. Appropriate review coming soon and watch out for a little surprise for when it comes out here within the stretch of my birthday month! Just a little way of giving back the love you and saying thank you for the love you have been giving TGTC. *hint hint*

So... this is what 28 looks like. In all my BBD and MLLB glory. See what I did there?

September 05, 2014


Ever since I've had my hands on this tube, I haven't stopped thinking of ways on how to wear it. I've long decided on my Birthday Lips but now I think it has been replace by this. I had one thing in mind when I was planning on today's make up menu - go minimal on everything else - eyes, lips, face but go all out on the lips. I basically went for the kill here so let's roll them credits...

Eyes. I used the L'Oreal Open Eyes Pro eye shadow quad which is designed to sculpt your eyes for the "wide awake" look. I wanted warm and soft neutrals with a subtle pop and sparkle to the inner corners and this quad in Beige Harmony has it all. The liquid-like gold is the one I popped into my inner corners to maximize the wide awake effect.

Face. I followed the same flawless base routine but then what played the major role here is the UNE Golden BB Cream Tan Enhancer. Seriously works like magic especially since this lipstick shade kind of makes you look paler than you really are. You need something to warm up your complexion, contour and define your cheekbones and forehead - this does them all! And it's a transparent cream to powder product so it will set your foundation as well!

Lips. Just might be my Birthday Lips, just might. It's so addictive - the application, the scent, the color payoff, the feel on the lips... I'm just having a Cherry Berry addiction at the moment. That is all. And I think I'm not going anywhere until maybe it's too hot to wear anything this loud on the lips again? But right now, the lipstick girl in me is just so happy to be stepping up my bold lips game to a whole new level with this tube from the Avon Over Nature Lipstick collection.

So far, I'm well convinced that this may just be my make up menu for my birthday. What can I say, I like bold lips and I can't lie!!! And if by wearing bolder and brighter lips on my birthday would also mean a bolder and brighter future ahead of me, then by all means... I may just end up wearing this all September long too, just in case. It sure won't hurt to try.

So here's to wishing myself and all of you Virgo ladies out there a very cherry berry birthday, cheers!

September 03, 2014


I'm working on a personal project at the moment which is why I am now currently sitting on the floor of a condominium's lounge area at 1 in the morning...

Since I was off to some place anyway, I thought it was also the perfect opportunity to finally give my new lipstick a whirl. Blame it on Anne Curtis. I saw her wearing plum lips on Showtime, I told myself I have to get the same shade for me. And then when you have a friend like Rora Marie who's just as excited to get that vampy shade of lips, you cannot possibly need any more motivation.

This is where your good ol' Avon Lady comes in again. When I saw her post on IG that it was in fact an Avon lippie, Over Nature Lipstick in Cherry Berry, I knew what I had to do. So a week after I placed my order, I am now a bearer and a wearer of this Cherry Berry number. The color payoff is weird, a red mixed with plum and violet tints. It looks different on the tube as compared to the actual color on your lips or to the color registration on photos. You might have to reach 3 layers before getting that vampy, dark plum finish because 1 layer isn't any different than your usual reds. But it's fine because its formula is super moisturizing, it glides easily on the lips and feels luxurious too. However it has a tendency to bleed so it's always best to use a lip liner with this. Unfortunately for me it makes my teeth look yellow but they definitely aren't which means it's not my perfect red but that doesn't mean I can't get away with it because I love it so I shall make it work. Also, it makes my face look paler than the usual, sans foundation so I guess that adds up to the vampy feel when using this shade?

I've just had it on for a day and we've definitely got some weird ways and developments here so far. It transferred to my drinking glass and even onto the food I ate so I may have to do better on the application next time. It lasted me a good 5 hours with a meal in between before it started fading. I still don't know what to feel about it but I've gotten a few compliments already... I guess I would have to road test it for some more days and ways as well. Watch this space. 

September 02, 2014


I thought it's finally time to put in a more in depth post about my first eye shadow palette. I've mentioned this in the past here and now that I've had enough time to test it out, here's why I thought it's always best to start with the neutrals when it comes to picking your first eye shadow palette.

I've strategically arranged them in the same order of my usual application if I want to go all out with all the shades. The Matte 330 is a powdery cream shade which I prefer using as a base while the Pearl 397 is a shimmery version of this cream based shade which can be used as a highlighter and to give that little pop of shimmer to your inner corners. AMC Shine 46 is a pink-toned shimmer that looks gorgeous when washed all over the lids. The next one is the Matte 326 which is a chocolate brown shade which can be used to line your eyes as a brown eyeliner, act as a transition shade and to define the outer v corners of the eyes. And lastly, no eye shadow palette is complete without the blackest of black matte shade and it is the Matte 391.

For my go-to everyday look, I always go for the subtle daytime sparkle and the combination I seem to always go for is the Matte 330 as a base, AMC Shine 46 all over the lid and a pop of Pearl 397 to the inner corners of my eyes and a bit on center of the lids. And then when I feel like being braver and bolder, I can always go from subtle to smokey by packing on the Matte 326 on the outer v and blend it all out.

The Inglot Eye Shadow squares are highly pigmented and have a great color payoff. You won't need much to get the colors start popping out so they can fairly last you a long while before you hit pan on them. And like I said before, one can never go wrong with the wearable neutrals. You can easily go from subtle to smokey, dainty to daring, plain and powerful with each shade and that is why a neutral palette is a must have for every girl out there. The possibilities are endless with it!

You can get the Inglot Eye Shadow Square for Php425 each at their flagship store, G/F Glorietta 5.
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